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Taeriix chuckled as he took the other Vindicator off his feet again. "Come on Zaanthe, you're better than that. You're relying on your size too much." He smiled and let the other right himself again. "That's why you're here you know?"

"Why?" Zaanthe asked, his temper starting to show after meeting with the floor for the fourth time today.

"Because you think fighting is all about power, sheer strength. It helps, it really does but not if you use it incorrectly. Go again." Taeriix smiled as Zaanthe swung his hammer in a broad horizontal arc while charging. Taeriix sidestepped this time and tried to put his elbow in the Vindicator's back. Zaanthe didn't fall for it this time and turned as he passed the darker draenei. The hammer continued its long arch held in Zaanthe's left hand. The forward momentum still pulled at the larger draenei even though he turned to strike at the trainer. Taeriix stepped back letting Zaanthe’s momentum pull him to the ground without need to interfere himself.

“Maybe we should take a breather.” Taeriix said rubbing his chin while watching Zaanthe get to his hooves again. The other seemed out of breath and it was obvious that he wasn’t putting the necessary focus into the training. “Let’s go grab a drink.”

Zaanthe pushed himself up with the head of his crystalline hammer and grumbled an agreement to Taeriix’s suggestion.

Taeriix sat down at a table, drink in hand, Zaanthe followed close after him and sat heavily in the chair. Annoyance at his failure to land a proper strike on one of the Hand’s trainers lingered.

“I think that’s enough training for the day.”

A look of surprise came to Zaanthe’s face and he exclaimed, “There is still plenty of time. Why turn in now?”

“Yes, there is but you’re acting bullheaded, and I thought giving you the evening to relax would improve your skill. I’ve heard good things about you and I’m sure there’s more to you than just all that brawn.”

Zaanthe snorted and started to speak but Taeriix cut him off.

“Besides, I hear you want to be a trainer for the Hand as well.”

The larger Vindicator nodded, “I am going to be, yes.”

“Not with that kind of battle prowess,” Taeriix laughed and took another drink.

“There’s no question about it. We will spar, I will win, and that shall be the end of it.”

Taeriix’s laughter trailed off as he caught the seriousness in Zaanthe’s tone. “You think it’s that simple? That you can just keep swinging your weight around in battle? You think we value that kind of recklessness? Or that rushing headlong into a troupe of demons is actually a smart skill to teach new recruits? I don’t care how long you’ve been a Vindicator, until you learn some discipline in battle and how to be more than just a wrecking machine you will not get my recommendation. If things don’t change, Zaanthe, you’ll become a trainer for the Hand of Argus over my dead body.”


Why You Should Have Draenei Feels:
Taeriix died at the battle of Karabor. Zaanthe later became a recruit trainer for the Hand. FORESHADOWING! BUM BUM BUMmmmm.

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