-Dalaran:  The tiny room above the beirgarten – 

Petal is, at the moment… under the covers.  Sitting.  On the bed.  Her head’s popped out of the duvet and she’s a cocoon of warmth that smells vaguely of dumplings.  (in fact, watch long enough, and one would see her pull her head back, and a pair of chopsticks – with dumpling – poke up out of the cocoon.  Nom.)  In front of her are three weighty volumes making sizeable dents in the bed, opened to various diagrams that seem to be covered in a spidery, runic script.  Words like ‘transmogrification’ and ‘aetherial flow’ are the smallest ones on the page.

Kun is fussing over a simple dagger, making sure it’s tied securely into its sheath. She ponders adding a ribbon. Naw. Too frilly… Keep it a good sneak blade, that’s good… She sniffs and looks over. “You’re eating in bed again!”

“Mo I am noff!”  Swallow.  Cough. “Nuh-uh. I”m reading!  See?  Books.  Books right there.  Important books.”

Kun giggles a bit. “Hey, if you want your sheets to be dumpling stained, sis.” She eyeballs the dagger she’s been working on. “What you studying right now, anyways?”

“…. time.”  Petal grows… really serious.  After another dumpling, anyway – mm.  Dumplings. “I sort of had to borrow a couple of these when the librarian wasn’t looking – humans are very odd about time.  But… lately.. there’ve been /things/.  It’s hard to explain. ”  A beat, then she points with a chopstick, poking it from out of the blanket. “I think there’s … well.  Okay.  You know the prophecy, right?  There has to be -fate-.  A way time goes together, stacks on itself.  Causes on causes on causes.  And… if somebody /could/ be a prophet once, to sort of see where everything will go… why can’t it be done now?”

“… Huh?” Kun blinks and looks over. “Heavy stuff, sis. You wanna be a prophet? Why for?”

“It’s not /that/.  I mean – leave that for people who want to know – I kinda want to be surprised, don’t you?  And … I’ve spent my whole life waiting for the prophecy to come true for you..”  Petal grins – and offers the bowl of dumplings, opening that blanket to do so. “I don’t think either of us need /another/ one, right?  But what if I could see just a little way – a few seconds ahead.  What if I … could know the right thing to do /next/?”

“Wait what? For me? What prophecy?” Kun looks confused. But grabs a couple dumplings.

“Did you /ever/ study?”  Petal giggles. “I /know/ you’re the one that’s supposed to open the box, Kun – I mean, you fit, right?  There’s a great emergency, you’re a hero – when we get it back from that overlarge fluffball, we’ll find all the parts of the key, and you’ll save everybody.”  She’s… serious. “No pressure. And If I’m going to help?  I need.. something.  If you’ve got a -fate-.. then I’d really like to know how to see it, you know?”

“I ain’t got nothing. What orange fluff ball? I thought that worgen jerk had it…. Fuck! Do I need to stab someone else?” Kum scowls, grumbling and conveniently glossing over this fate junk. “Besides, you don’t need to do nothing. We just got to get it back, yeah?”

“Uh-huh.  ANd then what?”  Petal holds the dumplings out farther – a sort of peace offering. “We go home?  Forget about all this?”

“Yeah?” Kun grabs it and noms, shrugging. “I mean, we’ll fight the guys that attack Pandaria. Or uncle will know what to do with the weapon.”

“…. I can’t, Kun.”  Petal sighs – deflating a little. “And I don’t think you’re supposed to.  I think you’re supposed to be the one who opens it.”   Stubborn thing.   “We’re supposed to help here.  WE /have/ to help here.”

“Oh for…. How’d you know it’s me? I don’t want anything to do with it!” Kun grumps and looks away. “It’s like an artifact. It should be somewhere safe. And not with some yaoguai. I mean….I wanna help stuff, sure, but it’s just another war. There’s nothing fancy about it.”

“…. except.”  Petal sighs…. and sets the dumplings aside.  “Kun?  It isn’t ‘just another war’.  You know that, right?  You’re closer to people than I am, and you hear what they’re saying.  It’s… the end of the world, or not.  It’s everything dead…. or not.”  She spreads her paws – “Ten thousand years ago, we won.  Living people – and now we have to fight /again/ – this time for everything.  Maybe… maybe for the rest of our lives.”  She swallows. “It scares me – but I know we’ll be alright, because of /you/.  I believe in you, Kun.”

“Stop it.” Kun’s tone is flat. “You’re taking this too seriously. You want to believe things are bad, fine, yeah, it’s bad. It’s an ugly scene out there and we really need to win. But you’re putting too much on me. On us. It’s not some fairy story or silly legend. One person isn’t going to fix everything. It’s going to be a whole bunch of people working hard and gathering intelligence add fighting. Not some prophecy.”

Kun is freaked out by her sis, but hiding it. For fucks sake, sis…

“Okay.”  Petal takes a breath – “But I still believe in you.”  She fishes in a pouch at her waist. “In my defense, you /did/ ask, fuzzbrain.”

“Yeah yeah…” Kun huddles over the dagger she’s prepping. “Whatever…”

“Hmph.”  Out comes a stone, that she turns over idly – “You okay?  I mean, I know I’m full of serious, but you’re usually not so… snappy?”  She grins. “… who is he?”

Kun grumbles. “It’s not a he. And it’s not…. It’s not like that. It’s that worgen girl, Cael. I feel bad about the cut still, so I’m making her a handy dagger. Something she can hide and use in a pinch.” She glances over her shoulder. “Sorry, don’t mean to be short with you.”

“…. and ‘it’s not like that’…”  She laughs. “I saw you looking at her, Kun – it is, isn’t it.”  Petal smiles – a little wryly – as she turns that stone over. “You’ve got a /crruuuuuuush/.”  She sings that last bit – teasing.

Kun scowls. “Shut up!” She huffs. “What’s up with the stone there? Tell me that and let me distract you.”

“Kuuuun has a cruuuuuuush.”  Sisters.   Petal’s smile grows a little melancholy – then falters.  Then, she frowns… and for just a brief moment, her left eye flares purple. “…. Huh.”

“Whoa! Are you ok? Sis!” Kun freaks out a bit. “What is going on? Also I’m sure there’s a guy or whoever that likes you too!”

“I’m fine.  Just…”  Petal’s frown deepens… and she focuses on the stone.   Now /both/ eyes are flaring. “Kun?   A while back I gave Cael a twinstone – ”  She holds up hers. “… y’know.  Just in case?  But she doesn’t have it anymore.  I can’t see it.  /yours/ I can see.  Hers?  Not so much.  It’s like.. she left it somewhere.  But she wouldn’t.”

“Huh?” Kun blinks, her ears flattening. “Are you sure? Maybe it got busted or something in a fight. She’s tough like that.”

“Maybe.  But that’s the sort of thing I’d probably notice?  I think?”  Petal frowns – “You  … think you can go and check on her?  I can /be there/.  But you’re sneaky.  I’m not.  Plus… ”  She waves. “You’ve got a knife, right?  You’ve got an excuse.”

“True….” Kun frowns. “Where was she staying? With those Templar folk somewhere? You’re probably on better terms with them then I am, why don’t we go together?”

“Greywatch.  Yeah.”  Petal stands, slurping down the last dumpling – “I’ll get my staff.  You know /he’s/ going to be there.”

Kun makes grumpy noises. “Pfah. I’ll kick him in the shins if I come across him, but I won’t cause trouble.” She pauses and idly fiddles with the dagger before putting it away. “Y’know you don’t give yourself enough credit. You’ve made friends and allies and stuff. I’m just plugging around with a bunch of ne’erdowells.”

“So you say.”  The simple wooden staff flares a faint blue when Petal grabs it… and she goes rummaging for belts. “Kun?  When you find his ship – we’ll get the box.  In the end, that’s the important thing, right?  And those ‘ne’erdowells’ will be the key to us both finding it and keeping it away from him.  ANd… okay.  Maybe if they like us, his friends won’t help him… but nothing I”m doing is going to matter if they do.  They’ll be really regretful when they come for our fur.”  She grins. “I haven’t done much. “

“More then I have.” Kun smiles and ruffles her sister’s hair. “Let’s go find that cute worgen girl.”

“Hey!”  Petal ducks her head – laughing – “You have a cruuuuuuush…”  A beat. “ANd yeah, she is cute, isn’t she.”

“You say anything and I will end you.” Kun swats at her sister!

Petal ducks.  Mostly.  “Ow.”  She rubs at her shoulder – “I won’t.  I was /agreeing/. ”  SHe huffs. “But I’m probably going to tell her.  Someday.”  SHe grins.. and skips back a step.  “It’s the smile, isn’t it.”

Kun is blushing under her fur as she chases her sister outside. “Shut uuuuuuuup!”

Petal /flees/. “… ooh.  Maybe it’s her taaaaaaaill….”

“I’m going to get yoooooooooooou!” Kun is trying not to smile and blush and be mad all at once.

(from a roleplay log, 1/27).

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