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Mosur sat in meditation; they were no longer in Duskwood. He had been told the mage Mystery was looking for Sielic and that it wouldn’t be long before he arrived. As far as the shaman knew he left nothing to be detected by, no latent magic, no trail, and the weather had been dry so there should be no hoof prints left to suggest the presence of another. Janderius wasn’t someone Mosur was currently worried about.

He had watched Sielic work when he’d arrived, the scout was expertly skilled, the way his hands moved and how he took no pause to measure his ingredients. Certainly, he was experienced at what he was doing. That was another respectable quality, watching a master at their craft work. Now, however, Mosur was the one who had work to do, or at least experiments to begin on.

He decided to start with fire. He was good with fire. That phrase always echoed in his thoughts when the elements came into question; it was a soft, bittersweet compliment. He inhaled and exhaled through his nose as he calmed himself. In front of him he placed a small yet intricate substitute for a totem. It was a weave of strong filigreed metal with a carved red stone suspended at the center. He still didn’t keep large totems like most shaman, but he made up for size in the elaborate and lavish designs of the ones he did employ. “Come forth spirit of flame.” Mosur beckoned in Kalimag.

A small flame flickered into existence over the totem. The totem itself was meant to tether the elemental to this realm until it could stay sufficiently on its own, it was also a boon to the shaman if trouble erupted from the elemental it could be dismissed quickly. “Spark,” Mosur spoke, there was already an exhausted sound to his voice and he’d only just begun. “Spark, I did not call for you.” The elemental was tiny and spun around atop of the totem, he was normally summoned with incense and offerings, not called to a totem. Mosur watched the elemental slow and turn to face him, it twist its head to an unrealistic angle. “I need someone more powerful, this is not a task for you.”

He paused and listened to the young elemental’s complaining and begging, he really was like a child, this spark. “No. Now come down off of that.” He reached into his pocket fishing for a ball of incense. Finding it he extended the packed cinnamon-scented ball toward the elemental who came quickly for the treat. “You may stay. Do you recall my time in Northrend? Several years ago? It is going to be like that again, like old times.” The flame stopped halfway through its treat and stared at the shaman. “I will explain,” Mosur spoke calmly, explaining to the flame what Sielic had requested and what his plans were on how to accomplish the task. “Now, you’re going to help me find good candidates. Correct little Spark?” The flame nodded and finished burning the offering, the scent of cinnamon and cedar burned strong in the air. It would be a kind boon for communing with fire elementals.

“Come forth spirit of flame.” Mosur called again, this time a larger elemental flecked with hardened lava grew in place over the totem. “Elemental, I have a proposition for you and offerings enough, will you stay and bargain?”

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