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“You must be getting desperate shaman.”

The elementals words crackled through the air, the language was throaty and each word that reached the shaman’s ear was sharp. “What would make you assume that?” His response was even keel and he kept to Kalimag rather than the language of fire. The small spark still sat beside him, he behaved again now that another had been summoned, between each summoning he had begged for more morsels. He was spoiled, something Mosur’s companions continued to impress upon him.

“How many have you summoned before me and dismissed when they wouldn’t accept your proposal?”

“It sounds like you already know the answer to that. I assume you also know the proposal then?” Mosur didn’t actually know where summoned and dismissed elementals came from specifically. If they all came from the same area and whether they were all returned to the same area or to where they were called from.

“I do. Has it changed?” The elemental weighed the shaman’s calm demeanor. “You seem awful sure about what you’re asking.”

Mosur waited till the flame was done speaking before answering. “The proposal hasn’t changed, what I need hasn’t anyway, but negotiations are open.” The roaring flame that stood over his totem was heavier at the top than the last couple he’d seen, plates of hardened lava covered his shoulders, spotted his back over his shoulder blades and upper arms.

“I will accept your offer and take part in this experiment if you assist me in consuming others of my kind in the Firelands.”

Mosur expected him to say more, but when silence was all that followed the shaman finally spoke up. “Before or after?” He knew the purpose of such a feast; to absorb the essence and power of the other elementals.


“And how many? I won’t agree to undefined number.”

“Three times my current worth.” The flame flickered over the totem.

“Then you will let me touch you?” Mosur questioned. The elemental nodded and Mosur reached out a hand and touched the elemental’s forearm. His brow rose quickly, he would have his work cut out for him. But an elemental this powerful would work best to the ends of these experiments. He took a moment to compose himself and then nodded as he spoke. “Yes. I agree to your terms. When your payment comes I assume I may bring others to accomplish that task?”

The elemental nodded again, “So long as you are there, you may.”

“A deal is struck then. A name, to call on?”


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