Laughing, the kaldorei child ran down the pathway, chasing her own image as the two played amongst the trees. Light-hearted scolding from their mother had them running back to be scooped up by their mixed quel’dorei-kaldorei father. He sat them down, one on each knee, as he pointed out the stars in the sky, naming each one and telling the stories of their creation, and of the magic of their world, of the well and the wonders it helped their people create. Their mother listened, then turned their eyes to the moon, to their heavenly mother Elune, to teach them of Her kindness and love for all of Her children, to tell them of Her mercy and how, one day, they would join her at the moonwell to celebrate and praise their beloved goddess.

The worgen whined and trembled in her sleep. Fur and claws receded, replaced by pale lavender skin the shivered in the den’s cool depths. A child’s quiet cries of longing replaced the wolf’s whines as the woman tossed and turned, reaching in her sleep for something she could no longer grasp.

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