Beaming, the young woman watched as her mirror and her teacher handfasted. As they gazed rapturously into each others’ eyes, a grin, this one a bit wry, touched her lips. She should’ve known her mirror would accept anything she did despite it being against tradition. Her Shan’do had been as wary as her at first since what they were doing wasn’t exactly forbidden but was against what Stormrage had set. Still, the one thing that didn’t surprise her about the whole thing was how quickly Shan’do had fallen for her mirror – half the males she met fell head-long as soon as they met the young priestess. The woman’s smile softened as she waved the happy couple down the aisle of well-wishers. This was one thing she’d done right.

Flowers bloomed riotously outside the mouth of the cave where the sleeping Kaldorei gave a gentle, happy smile.

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