Idiots! Arrogant, conceited, self-righteous fools! Why didn’t they listen? Maybe if they had listened … the wolf raised her head, howling her anguish, her rage to Elune. Her mirror lay shattered at her feet, destroyed by the very beings this form was best to fight. Damn Malfurion. Damn Tyrande. Damn them all for not accepting that they needed Goldrinn’s fury, needed this form to prevent … Her gaze fell to her mirror. Bending over, she lifted the remains of her mirror in clawed hands and held her close to her chest. Wolf song rose to the heavens; pain, sorrow, loss lifted to the night sky as the wolf cradled the broken pieces of her heart.

Enraged snarls bounced off the walls of the cave, reverberating throughout the structure. Smaller animals fled in fear as the worgen inside clawed against the stone, thrashing and fighting unseen foes in her sleep.

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