Elli settled in her private den and laid her head on her paws. What was she going to do? Hadn’t the humans learned their lesson from their own history as well as Kaldorei and Draenei? The Kaldorei, particularly the Highborn, thought they could control magic. Then their lust for power and for more brought the Legion’s attention to them and caused the shattering of their world. The Draenei experienced something similar except their entire world had been consumed rather than just shattered. And the humans had seen what the Lich King and the Bitch Queen could and had done to them and the world. Why did humans, and admittedly some members of the other races, still think they could control or dominate magics? In the end it was very few of *any* race that managed to maintain themselves rather than succumb to the lure of magical power.

Sighing, she tried to stop her tail from lashing by curling it around her. She hoped her words to Ali hadn’t hurt her or Sorin. It had been nice finding another Kaldorei who understood that sometimes the best answer to a problem was to destroy it. And, having a priestess that was so much like her sister eased an ache in her. But, she couldn’t continue to mingle with so many humans anymore. Or, to be fair, people of other races too. Not if they refused to see they endangered not only themselves, but others around them, including the ones they considered friends.

It was her wolf that had finally put her paw down and said enough. Her wolf had chosen, and still was choosing, who was her pack and who she would protect. Her elf had pushed others onto the wolf who grudgingly agreed to protect them. But not anymore. The Templar pack would still have her protection if they needed her or called for her. Halo and Caldwell especially would have it, particularly since Caldwell would be bringing their pup into the world before too much longer. The Justicar had Emberstone, but Elli would still jump into any fray to protect the Templar’s alpha.

Her wolf rumbled as she shifted positions. She had her pack now. It was small but growing. Lena was strong and learning to be a good beta. Ryml was finally accepting his wolf and she was pleased he decided he wanted to be part of her pack. Sorin and Ali weren’t wolf so technically they shouldn’t be pack, but that didn’t matter particularly since the other members she considered pack weren’t wolf also. The fact the two of them really didn’t need her protection didn’t matter either – they would have it as well. Aunne was another who always claimed she didn’t need Elli’s protection, but her claims didn’t matter – her heart-sister would always have Elli by her side. And then there was Ace and Seella. He’d been musing about retiring and undergoing that Light … thing that Aunne was going to do to give him more time with Seella and their children. She definitely approved of him retiring and staying out of harm’s way. Not so much the Light thing though. Still, if it made the two of them happy and made sure he’d retire, she wasn’t going to object.

Then there was Ryo. He *definitely* didn’t need her protection. She couldn’t consider him pack – yet. Did he want her as a mate? She felt like there was a bond building between them that got stronger with every date but she still wasn’t sure if he felt that bond. Plus she had her children to consider. She needed to make sure he knew about Usko and Naara and would not only accept them but love them as well like Sorin loved Luci.

She rubbed a paw against her muzzle. Damn elf stuff. Wolf was so much easier. Grumbling, she curled herself up tighter. Harder or not, she was elf as much as wolf as her memories showed her. These were things she’d have to deal with and incorporate into her life – all without biting anyone ….

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  • acele
    December 22, 2019 at 7:24 pm
    Bite all the things.
  • Ari
    December 24, 2019 at 12:02 am
    Elf stuff is more complicated. But that's what makes Elli's wolf so patient, sometimes. Even if the adopted pups act so foolishly and deserve a good nip.

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