Lyestra took the bundles of herbs with a grunt. After setting them on her work table she started sorting them into piles by type.

“You’re welcome,” Mina said, not without a trace of amusement.

“I pay you for these, do I have to be fucking nice too?”

“I’m best friends with your sister.”

“You think I’m nice to Jamethera? Come on now, you know better.”

Mina just laughed, and flopped on Lyestra’s couch. The warrior lived only a little ways south from her own place, and Mina was a frequent visitor. “Where’s Haz?”

“Never let your husband retire,” Ly muttered. “They’re annoying.”

“So…what did you send him off for this time?”


“Um.” Mina leaned down and peered at the boxes of vials underneath Ly’s table.

“Look, it was that or shank him.”

“Nice to see you two are still madly in love after, what. Ten years of marriage?”

“Lovingly shank him,” Ly muttered, storing the herbs into the various boxes and bins they belonged in.

“Doesn’t he usually do the shanking?” Mina’s tone was dripping in sweetness and innocence. “I mean, he was a rogue, right?”

Lyestra turned to stare at her. “It’s an equal opportunity shanking marriage.”

Mina just raised her eyebrows. “Really.”

“Do I have to send you to get vials too? You’re interrupting my work.” Lyestra groused and grumbled, but the truth of the matter was that she could have done her work while asleep. Or dunk. Or possibly both.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Still, Mina lapsed into quiet for a few moments. Lyestra actually was under the impression that the druid had simply slipped out, and so was startled to turn around and see Mina passed out on the couch.

“Huh.” Naturally, she walked over and upturned the couch, dumping the druid on the floor. “Go nap on your own couch!”

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