(This can be found in-game, in the possession of AT LEAST one Templar.  Please contact me if you believe you have, and can use, the scroll.  If you’d like to run things by me OOCly, please do – but beware spoilers!)

The Way turns before you, though the gate is barred.
Ahead, the Key brings wisdom –
But the Path to wisdom always twists and turns.

The Symbol of the First Master always points the way,
found beneath the earth, in the night sky,
the Weapon lies buried among the stars.

Time goes on, ever forward, sun crossing the sky in measured step
sand flows.  Hearts beat.  Wings flash metal in the sun.
The Keeper�s teeth have long been the Ally of the Temple.

Ancient lands slumber in ancient trees walking �
The old allies of our people, lost to arrogance –
At the field of the root of their hearts is the Waystone.

Everturning, everflying, on ramparts above
The castles of the air offer honor and wisdom.
At the top of the top lies the Moon, forever out of reach.

Close to the heart beats the base of all,
The master�s true center, the Word of the Way.
Wisdom lies where it has always been, never lost � forgotten.

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