Raz’as blinked away light from his eyes as he rolled over, trying to get away from the sun.


“Rise and shine!” said the far too cheerful voice.


 “Nooooo…” muttered the Miqo’te child, pulling his covers over his head, tail twitching in annoyance. 


The covers were gone suddenly, ripped from his hands, and one ear was suddenly in her rough, warm hands, pulling him from the bed gently but firmly. The elderly Hyur woman smiled down at him warmly. “Tsk, it’s only 6 bells in the morning! No reason to not enjoy a good morning of work and exertion for the Master!” Raz’as groaned and twisted, clinging to the heavily muscled forearm of the elderly woman, trying beyond reason to not have to do chores. The old woman simply gripped him in a massive bear hug, squeezing him until he tapped out by squirming and letting go of her arm.


 “Little scamp, nothing’s going to get you out of chores today.” She laughed, and set him down.


Raz’as grumbled and yawned, but got up fully from the floor. As much as he loathed Miss Cantrel’s cheeriness in the morning, the woman had an infectious way of getting all the children to get out to the field.. And she was kind, in her own way. All of the kids got extra pieces of brand and soup when she could sneak it to them. Raz’as let out another yawn, then got into the line with the other kids for morning inspection. Another day in Eorzea, under the Master’s benevolent guidance. 


Oh well. Could be worse,” the Miqo’te child had thought. “At least they had Miss Cantrel helping them out.”


Raz’as blinked again, as his trainer yelled, “DODGE OR PARRY, DON’T BLOCK WITH YOUR HEAD, FOOL.” He shook the stars from his vision, and his body moved on its own, the small Miqo’te’s greatsword parrying an axe coming towards him. 

“KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE FIGHT, IDIOT.” Right… back to training…. Where had that memory come from?

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