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Mosur rounded the corner in one of Karabor’s corridors and bumped into the smaller priestess as he did every so many days. “Oh, hello Amia,” he smiled letting a look of surprise cross his face as though he didn’t know she would be traveling this hallway. In truth, however, he planned these meetings. “Nice bumping into you here… would you care you have dinner tonight?” He asked the same question every time they bumped into each other, though he always received the same answer, ‘No, thank you’.

Amia was no longer surprised by these meetings between herself and the white haired priest. Her eyes narrowed at him and she turned her head to the side without tilting it this way or that. “Hello, Mosur. Do you think you’ll ever stop asking me that?” she wondered aloud with a quirk of her lips.

"Of course I will. One day you’ll want to accompany me of your own accord." He smiled and nodded his head. It sounded arrogant, to be sure. Maybe he didn’t catch on to that, or maybe he was just that sure of himself.

Her eyes widened just slightly and she stared at him a moment, trying to hide her bewilderment; she shouldn’t be surprised any more. This was hardly any different from their other brief exchanges. “Wow…. Your ego really is rather incredible.” Amia managed to sound both sincere and sarcastic at the same time.

He chuckled a little and continued, “So what do you say then, dinner?” he pressed again waiting for an answer.

"I think not today." Amia shook her head and smiled politely at him.

He tilted his head forward and to the side a little. “Oh, come on now, Amia,” he said turning to face her as she made her way past him and down the corridor. She would finally see that cavalier good humor crack as frustration poked at him, needles of annoyance pricking his pride. Normally he just let her go, planning on asking her again the next day. “You’ve said that for nearly three months now. Today is the day. Come to dinner with me, or give me a better reason,” he demanded.

A smile curved her lips and she twirled to walk backward so she could study his face. “You are too arrogant, Mosur. Nothing has been denied you, I think,” she mused aloud, letting that smile grow into a grin.

He followed her, walking at a more leisured pace once she turned to watch him. “I’m not arrogant, I’m just sure of my abilities.” He arched a brow, “And why shouldn’t I be?”

She tilted her head to the side and tried to think of something impossible. The grin changed once again to a challenging smile. “You want to have dinner?” she asked, pressing on before he could answer. “Pick me up at seven. If your abilities are as great as you perceive them to be, then you’ll have no trouble getting reservations at The Ar’zak.” Amia knew she wouldn’t have to mention how impossible it was to get a reservation any closer than three months out, if you were lucky.

He raised a brow at her and nodded. “I’ll see you at seven then,” he replied with a confident nod. Then he turned on his hooves, a grin rising on his face. Taeriix had plans there that very evening with that beautiful woman of his. He started off to Ty’s station planning on either asking for the man’s reservation, or if he could make it a double date as Ty had been ribbing him for not being able to get a date for so long, surely he’d help his brother out.

Mosur spent the evening working out a deal with Taeriix until they reached an agreement: two weeks of night shifts along with a few other substantial favors, and it would all be well worth it. Seven o’clock and he came knocking on her door. He was dressed in a fine fitting shirt with a vest and nice pants. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he waited for her to answer the door.

When she pulled her door open and saw the priest standing there a look of surprise crossed her face. Mosur was greeted by the sight of Amia in her daily robes, certainly nothing special or fancy enough for The Ar’zak.

"Your choice of attire is certainly…interesting for such a prestigious place to dine at." He commented, understanding full well her lack of faith in his ability to pull this off. He glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the other priestess in the room. "Good evening, Rea."

Kuurea smiled knowingly and slipped past Amia, touching her friend on the shoulder and jerking her head back toward her wardrobe. “Better hurry and dress, my love,” she said with a gleam in her eye before rising to kiss Mosur on the cheek. Kuurea was as gentle as Amia was strong willed. The two friends complimented each other well. “You take care of my lady tonight, Mosur,” she called over her shoulder as she made her way to Ty’s room, then giggled as she turned back around and hurried away.

Amia, Mosur noticed, was not as composed as Kuurea. “I… you… I didn’t think…” she stopped herself and glared at the large man filling up her doorway. “One moment…” she said on an irritated sigh.

Mosur turned his gaze away from Amia and smirked at Kuurea; he knew she was a sharp one. “Thank you,” he replied, referring to the date she’d given up, “Oh, course I will! You know me.” He grinned wide watching her hurry off to Taeriix’s room. She didn’t seem to mind. He’d worried that she might have.

He turned back just as the door shut literally in his face. He leaned back a little and stared blankly at the door, then took a step back for more comfortable room between himself and the barrier. “That’s certainly a way to show gratitude,” he grumbled quietly as he waited. He glanced around the corridor and tried to make his eyes busy, sighing a little and wandering a small path around in front of the door.

When she emerged, she was wearing robes of pale, silver gray lined in black trim. Amia smiled at him and inclined her head. Mosur heard the handle jiggle and he lifted his eyes to travel slowly up her slender form. His arms were crossed over his chest and he looked as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

"I have to say," she stepped through and closed the door behind her, “I’m very impressed that you pulled it off," she said, her tone genuine. There was no apology or mention of her flustered rudeness only moments before.

"Really?" he questioned in a teasing tone, "You shouldn’t have challenged me if you doubted." He offered her his arm, dropping his left hand to his side as he smiled down at her.

"True enough. Looks like you have surpassed my expectations this time around, Mosur," she murmured, admitting defeat rather graciously. She was slightly surprised that it didn’t leave a bitter taste in her mouth.

"You should give me more chances to do that then," he said glancing at her with a grin.

"We’ll see how you do tonight," she said with a sly smirk. "Impress me and I’ll consider giving you a second chance.

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