A small, relatively heavy package is delivered to Aunne at the keep.  On the outside is a short note written in Draenic.

We found this among Seella�s things.  From the note we found within its pages, we thought she would want you to have it. � Soulpriestess  Ereal

Inside the package is a small, leather-bound, preserved ancient prayer and song book to the Light written in old Draenic.  The note inside is also written in Draenic.

Aunne of the Ebon Blade,

I thought this might help you.  It has brought me great comfort in times I have felt lost.  I will come and see you again soon, my new friend, or, perhaps, you can come and visit me at the Exodar when you have time.  I know that, like my husband, you stay busy fighting to keep the rest of us safe.  When we do see each other again, together we will lift our voices in song so you may hear the Light I know still dwells within you.

Light guide you and keep you safe,

Your friend,

Seella Walkinson

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