Fire, all consuming, engulfs the small home as the troops March on, Armour black as night, a ravens claw on their shoulders. The smell of burning flesh and sorrow fills the small valley as the bodies of an innocent family are set apon the pyre, the bodies of the soldiers who slew them piled on another. In the arms of a once feared sith, his eyes steaming red tears, a small child, pure, sweet, dead. The Captain looks around, as his men dig a small grave, His greiveing brother laying the small corpse inside, setting her favorite toy along side her before they close the small container they placed her in, beginning to bury the child. The Leader moves to the corpse of the jedi, body beyond salvage for any information, he collects the mans holo equipment, tatterd robe, and lightsaber, looking to his men as they shift awkwardly as his brother sets a small stone for a grave head. He gives them a look of irritation, which they respond quickly by standing at attention and join formation, leaving the massacre sight, The smell of blood and tears flow into the serene landscape. 

Hours later, The Leader leaves his brother to mourn, something he had never seen, looking with anger to the summit where back and forth peace talks were being barked. He makes his way followed by his right hand, A large chiss soldier with an intimidating personality. He storms into the bantering officals, a republic commander points and shouts at the Captian, barking orders as if he was insulted. The Captain says nothing, but throws down the fallen jedi’s cloak and saber, as well as sliding the holo pad to the House Thuul representative. The noble man scoffs at first, glancing it over before his face turns pale looking to the commander with a fury unlike any sith. The room erupts into chaos as they  throw accusations against the republic, drawing weapons and calling for a lynching. The captain turns and leaves as silently as he came, making his way back to the Ship. Looking up to the summit before he turns to enter the ship a soldier taps his shoulder, pointing to the summit. Useing his binoculars he sees only a hanging body, lit a flame from a rafter, he sighs and hands the binoculars back, nodding for the soldier to enter the ship. Slowly his brother approaches, hood raised and head low, the captain’s hand rests on his shoulders before he enters the ship along side him, the bay door slowly closing as the Raven battalion lifts off the planet, returning to the Devils Hammer, awaiting their next orders.

Xin opens his eyes slowly, the spinning fan of his room taking focus, he sits up slowly, stretching his arms and back before turning and sitting on the edge of his cot. He stands with a grown, stark nude as he looks out at the bussleing city the balcony a tad breezy as he takes a deep breath of the scent of his homeworld. A speeder slowly rolls by, taking in his decor before taking in the sight of him, the ladies inside whistling and calling out to him, which brings a smile to his face as he waves, turning around to head inside, only bringing more whistles before they fly off. After a long shower the Captian dries off his hair, tugging on his pants and looking to his holonet hub, seeing grim news about another criminal safe haven blasted to peices by Zakul, his smile fading as he clicks his tongue. He begins to strap up, his pistols on his sides, a vibroknife along the small of his back, another in his boot, and two extra pistols in the lining of his duster. With a smooth motion he smooths back his hair, looking to the Devils Gamble, fresh repairs done from the day before, taking one last deep breath as he leaves, glancing into his brothers room, before heading out to the ship. “No rest for the wicked…” He mutters as he lifts off, firing the engines as his Phantom soars into the sky, trouble in its wake.

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