Seella bent down to kiss each of the children good night before walking through the partition to her part of the tent. Sitting on the bed, her hand reached out and one finger traced the Draenic symbols lining the urn placed on the nightstand. “Hello, my love.” She smiled softly. “Today was being interesting and a bit saddening. A man was coming by telling me that someone is taking some of your armor and weapons. The ones I am donating to the history peoples, yes? That is making me sad, but maybe the person taking it is wanting it because they are missing you too.” Her finger continued its motion as she gave a quiet laugh. “It is being the set you were wearing for ceremonies. The one you are calling a ‘monkey suit’, yes?”

The laugh faded into a smile of remembrance. “The history peoples were originally asking for one of your other older sets. The one you were wearing when I am seeing you for the first time.” Her lips twitched. “*That* one I am not letting anyone else to have. The children are especially liking the story I tell them about that one.” Another laugh. “They are liking that one best along with the stories I tell them of the times I am getting into trouble when I was being your neophyte. They are not believing me, I think, when I am telling them of all the times I am making you do the nose-pinching and head-shaking thing because of what I had done. Their mother could not be doing things to get into trouble because she is being a model paladin, yes?”

Her fingers faltered a moment before continuing. “I am wishing at times I am knowing stories of you when you are younger that I can be telling them. I think Elli is telling them some at night when I am needed in the infirmary because they ask me questions in the morning after she watches them about things I do not know.” The smile fades. “I think they are finally being able to deal with you not coming home anymore. They are sad but are going on. You would be proud of them, my love.” She took a moment to clear her throat. “I will not be telling them of someone taking your things. I do not want them being upset over something like that. I do not think you would want them sad about something as simple as your old armor either.” Leaning down, she placed a kiss on the top of the urn before climbing into bed and blowing out the candle. “Good night, my love.”

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