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Mosur walked with the girl was perched on his shoulder, after much back and forth his stubbornness had finally won out. Her legs crossed at the ankle over his chest and her left hand grasped of of the crest spike on the back of his head. There had been a lot of grumbling about how capable she was and that she could do it herself. ‘It has nothing to do with whether you’re capable or not. Obviously you are, you got to the Cathedral all on your own. I just..want to..besides I have carried plenty of young women and they could see just fine!’

The pair hiked from the Jade forest up to the bridge that crossed into the Valley of the Four Winds. He hadn’t seen much of the valley he was very tempted to stop and stay for a while. That would be selfish of him though. He already planned on taking longer than necessary to get her where she needed to go. That was selfish, but he would deal with it. He had yet to decide if he would simply set her out and try to disappear or if he would finally see what the Templars had to say.

His left hand steadies the girls legs and his right dove into his pocket as he walked. His fingers brushed against a cool metal, then clasped around it. His room key, the room in the Cathedral. He had yet to turn it in, afraid of losing and letting go. Not letting go…not speaking with the Templars…cowardice.

He set his jaw tighter thinking about it. He had decided that it was time to move on and it was difficult, yes, but he needed to quit back sliding. Draenor was dead and gone and he finally realized with this last loss that there was no reason to keep holding on.

“You know Mosur, you seem a lot calmer today.” Saas spoke, her head tilted down at him even if she couldn’t see him.

“Um? Oh yeah, you think so? Maybe my talk with my Brother did me as much good as I had hoped it would then.” He smiled glancing her way away from the dusty packed trail they were currently walking.

“That’s good.” She said sitting quietly a moment. She opened her mouth to speak again but her words were cut off by a rumbling from her stomach. “Oop.”

The shaman raised one brow and glanced at her. “I guess we are going to stop in the big town here after all. I think it’s called Half Hill…” He nodded chuckling as his own stomach echoed hers. “Hah.. they are trying to communicate.” He paused then to get a good look around and decided which way they needed to head.

“What do you think for lunch? Or maybe this will be brunch hum? Some sweet cakes and fruit and powdered sugar huh? Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich and some bacon..umm..” He was beginning to make himself more hungry.

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