The Demons Fang drifts twards a Spaceport near Tattooine, Another Crate of nigh powerd rifles and priemium Vibroblades headed for the republic, Training blades for the Jedi, rifles and pistols for fresh troops, and a nice looking Ion cannon Battery, Set for delivery on Balmora. Xin strides out of his ship with a glint in his eye, shaking the hand of the arms dealer he has been doing buissness with for years, Even before this life. Once he was loaded up, and prepping for launch , he reflects on the last time he was on this burning ball of sand, a lifetime ago.

It was like any other day on the Sandy dunes of Tattoine, hot, dry, and someone had shot another six civilians. A red haired man, clean cut, not a scratch on his face, medals polished and Blasters purring, Steps into a Cantina, his Black and grey uniform standing out amongst the ragtag band of miscreants littering the bar. They knew him, he was in charge of the most brutal Shock troops on this sand ball, and if he was here, someone wasent leaveing. The man walks up to the bar and adjusts his Officers cap. “Captain Second grade Drex Corvix, I am here to address an issue we seem to be having, seems your Exchange friends have been causeing trouble in here, and now six imperial familys are dead.” The bartender nervously cleans a glass, shakeing his head, speaking in shakey huttese “Im sorry sir, im not good with basic, i dont know what you mean.” The Captian huffs and pops his neck, speaking in a clean Huttese loud enough for most to hear “Perhaps this is more to your liking, now show me to these scumbags or i will have you strapped to the hull of the next transport!” 

The Bar goes quiet, the bartender drops his drink and points to a group of five large men comming from the V.I.P room with a couple Twilek Slaves, who seemed to be struggleing to escape. The man nods and places a datapad on the table, before turning around to the men, wasteing no time and fireing the powerful high grade pistol into the leg of one of the Men, his screams of pain bring him to his knees and force the others to let the girls go, which they feel safe behind the gun weilding Imperial. The Two larges of them a pair of twin Rattataki step forward and draw their guns. “You Scum, the Empire cant tell us what to do, this place is ours, and you-” His words cut short by Blaster bolt to his throat, he cluches his juggular as he topples over, the other begining to fire! The captain shoves the girls behind a bench and kicks over a table for cover, from his side he takes out an explosive, a nasty looking flashbang. He tosses it back into the crowd, as it goes off the blaster fire dies down a moment, he takes it and stands from his cover, takeing out a second blaster pistol, fireing off a burst of charged fire, killing off two of the three remaining, the last, being the injured fisrt victim, still trying to crawl away. The red haired imperial fires one last blaster bolt in each of their heads, comming up to the injured leader he kicks him over, holding the blaster to his head ” Arlo Crax, you and your friends here are responcible for attacks against the empire, assasinating the wives and children of six members of the Imperial ocupency, As well as unlawful assult on Four females, and stealing Imperial weapons from the space port. Orders were to drag you scum to command, i will regretfully be unable to do so.” He slides away his pistols, Takeing from his side a serated, very nasty looking Vibro knife, The mans eyes light up in fear as the blade turns on, and gets closer. The patrons had exited sometime between the first shots and what came after, the screams of the man finally end as the suns begin to set, The Imperial officer stands once his work is done and wipes the blood from his face with a peice of cloth handed him by the Slaves he saved. He looks at them and nods, without a word, and moves to the bar to retrive his data pad, looking over it he presses a button, and all of the camera around the bar explode, erraseing the evidance of his appearnce. He reaches over the bar and grabs the Lekku of the bartender, pulling his face close and stuffing the bloody rag into his mouth. “Lie to me again, and i will make good on that promise, now clean up your bar, its filthy.” he throws the bartender down to the floor, wrapping his arms around the two girls, walking them out. “There is a shuttle leaving the port in an hour, take these passes and never return to Tattoine, tell no one i was here.” He hands each of them a shuttle pass and nods to the pair. As night falls on the sandy city, the Officer disapears into the night, and makes sure to change his uniform before reporting in. 

Xin sighs as the space port doors open, and he slips out, into the outer rim. As the autopilot takes control, flying off to the next stop, Xin moves to his cabin, the empty ship echoing his each step, he moves to his lock box, and takes out a set of Imperial medals, and a Wedding ring, he kisses the ring as he places the medals back into his lockbox.”Just another day…”

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