Character Name(s)/Server: Mountain Annens (Balmung)

Preferred Job/Class or Role: FITE (Marauder/Warrior, but uh… I’m bad at it)

There is writing here, but it’s large and scrawly, left-handed (smeared a bit) and there’s words crossed out in places:

My name is Mountain Annnens. I am from somewhere. I live in Limsa Lomiss.. Lims… The city. I’m not good at writing, but I’m pretty good at other stuff. I like cooking and fighting and flowers.

Do you want a cupcake?

Character Information:

Mountain Annens has no idea who she is. She’s quite sure that’s her name, since that’s what the pendant around her neck has engraved in it, a beautiful, eight-petaled flower, white with a yellow center, inlaid into the dark wood on the other side. Other than that, she washed up in Limsa Lominsa… a little bit ago, she thinks… and is mostly trying to make sense of the world around her.

There are of course worse fates in life than not remembering fuckall about where you’re from and who you are. Especially when you’re capable of decking anyone who gives you too much shit about it.

Generally speaking though, Annens is of good temperament, if inclined to solve problems with fists or axes if she can. A little shy sometimes around new people – especially if they expect her to remember anything before last week – she is warm, sometimes irreverent, a powerful ally in a fight, and willing to drop everything for the people she cares about.

She’s an excellent cook, and it’s a rare event that she doesn’t have some kind of food with her, and she’s almost always willing to share.

The world is a delight – a strange place, a place to re-learn, to re-explore, to re-discover.

Be patient as she learns about Eorzea, and in return you will have a loyal friend and ally.

Name: Mountain Annens
Nicknames: Daisy, Annens, Flower Girl, Tall
Age: Adult, youngish
Race: Roegadyn
Clan: Hellsguard
Birthplace: Your guess is as good as hers
Temperament: Big, Fighty, Hungry, Generally kind
Traits: Inquisitive, Even-tempered (mostly), Steady-handed, Thoughtful, Loyal
Religion: Halone/The Fury. Sort of.
Likes: Axe-ing you a question. Food, especially sweets. People who are patient with her. Flowers.
Dislikes: Being bored. Being hungry. People who are unkind or impatient. People who can’t be trusted.

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  • August 3, 2021 at 12:52 am
    Ah, forgotten many things, save how to excellently cook. Perhaps a thread to tug on in the future over a shared meal. Looking forward to meeting Annens IC. 🙂

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