• Anna wrote a new journal: I am Mountain Annens 2 years, 11 months ago

    Character Name(s)/Server: Mountain Annens (Balmung)

    Preferred Job/Class or Role: FITE (Marauder/Warrior, but uh… I’m bad at it)

    There is writing here, but it’s large and scrawly, left-handed (smeared a […]

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      Ah, forgotten many things, save how to excellently cook. Perhaps a thread to tug on in the future over a shared meal. Looking forward to meeting Annens IC. 🙂

  • Anna wrote a new journal: [Aely] Letters to the Lost 3 years, 2 months ago

    Aely sat in the inn in Westguard keep, late in the evening and nursing a glass of Aerie Single Malt – her usual now, though she had lost most of the drinking habit. Her red hair had a fair bit of white in it these […]

  • Anna wrote a new journal: Aelflaed – Tales of Childhood 4 years, 9 months ago

    (Seven years)
    Rain pounded the roof, but inside the tiny house were four people (and one large dog) in relative warmth considering the weather. The front room served as both kitchen and living room, and a tall, […]

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[Rann] The Search for Mallory Everley

Rann held her breath, struggling to avoid considering how she would next try to find her quarry if this didn’t pan out. Mallory hadn’t been seen since she had opened a small cafe in Boralus. One day, she simply stopped showing up. The cafe had eventually closed, repossessed by Kul Tiras and reopened under a […]

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A glimpse into the Underworld

(reading guide: Ghosts are Italicized, living are “quoted”, “when both, singing together”, Caps is shouting) Candles are set in a large circle along the runes of the protected zone in the hideout, a task for the apprentice, as Argus sets a record on the player. A musical collection of one of his favorite stories, of […]

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Prodigal Father

The smell of this island, the sweet fruit, the salt spray, the clear air…to outsiders it was intoxicating. To a sixteen year old boy who has never left it, it was a very pretty prison, only taking occasional trips to the mainland of the Crystal desert once a year. But something was different today, he […]

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