Warden Thelwater”s keys clanked heavily against his armor as he walked the halls of the stockade. With all the excitement in the last month, the cells of Stormwind’s prison were full of lunatics and scum. To the warden’s left, a deathknight shrouded in black pitted armor followed. His presence unnerved the inmates as he passed. “How long,” he asked in a deep voice. “About four weeks now. She was brought here after the attack… They just didnt know what to do with her.” Thelwater replied.

With a turn down the west wing, the death knight paused. “You should have executed her on the spot.” Warden Thelwater grew dark in his expression. “We have a system for a reason commander. We wanted to honor the pact between us and sent word as soon as we were able.” The pair resumed walking down the tunnel, the cells grew quiet as they reached the end of the wing. “We have no love… or use for traitors in the Ebon Blade Thelwater.”

The pair reached a the cell at the end of the hall. Morwel sat in a simple wooden chair, facing the wall in the back of the cell, motionless. When the heavy locks and door were opened. Morwel stood and turned to face her captors. “Commander.” The only word to escape Morwel’s lips before the death knight was on her. His brutish strenght hoisted her from the floor with a single hand, holding her by her jaw. Morwel did not resist, only waited. The commander gazed at Morwels form. In the transfer from Draenor to Stormwind, her armor and runeblade were confiscated. All she had was her shirt, simple slacks, and her tabard showing her affiliation to the Ebon Blade. “Morwel. I hereby strip you of any and all rank and privilege that you had of the Ebon Blade!”

Morwel still did not resist, here eyes started to show signs of wavering as the commander’s grip tightened. With a single pull, the commander ripped the tabard from Morwel’s chest. “Commander! She has been a commendable solider and an unparalleled ally since the Wrath Gate! Surely she doesn’t deserve to die!” The commander turned back to the warden, his eyes burning read under his saronite helm. “SHE IS FILTH OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!” the commander bellowed. “She DID NOT murder that officer! He lives, though he is hospitalized…” Thelwater replied. Morwel began to convulse in the grip of the death knight commander, her vision had blurred already and darkness was beginning to set in.

Just as her vision failed, Morwel fell to the floor gasping for breath. “Know this traitor,” The commander growled. “You only live this day -because- your victim survived. But you are nothing to us now. Come back to the ebon hold and we will treat you as any scourge…” The commander looked around the cell momentarily, then back to the warden. “Do with her what you will. We have no solider here.”

With his somber declaration, the commander left the cell. Warden Thelwater soon stepped back out and locked the door once again. “Morwel… you have to tell me. Do you affiliate with -anyone- else?!” he pleaded.  Morwel sat on the floor, silently looking down. Thelwater sighed and stepped back from the bars. “Your pride dooms you elf…” As he walked away, Morwel replied softly, “Templars of the Rose…”

The warden came rushing back to the bars. “WHO?! Who leads them? I need names! Any names and you may have a chance at freedom yet!” Morwel looked forward again, her face as still as porcelain. “It does not matter,” she trailed off. “I am nothing now.” The warden left the cell block muttering the organization name to prevent himself from forgetting it. Morwel sat at the back of the cell. As she stared into the dark halls of the stockade, emotionless and discarded.

Days later, a letter arrived at Westguard sealed with wax and posted to whom it may concern.

“Greetings. It has come to my attention that one of the prisoners in my Stockade may be affiliated with you. I strongly urge you to send any representative you can to claim her. The prisoner in question is… or was affiliated with the Knights of the Ebon Blade until recently, but has mentioned no other contacts but your organization. Her nature is unusual and her presence unsettles the other inmates. The prisoner in question goes by Morwel Starseeker and refuses to interact further with any member of my staff. If you cannot make the trip, at least confirm if her claim of affiliation is true”
~Light Bless
Warden Thelwater

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