Name: Averous Crane


Nicknames/Aliases: Commander Crane, “The Wraith”

Age: 32

Height: 6ft 8in

Weight: 180lbs



Notable marks or scars: Light scarring on the right side of his face from a thermal grenade he reportedly blocked from killing the platoon a troops he was commanding.

Force status: Sith Lord

Alliance: Empire


Criminal record: None


Security risk:Minimal. An enigma among the Sith, he is calm, level headed and open to criticism. Advised to refrain from mocking slaves in his presence, or abusing personnel.

Background: Originally a member of the Imperial military, his force sensitivity remained hidden for most of his life, a foot soldier rising through the ranks up to a commander, one of the youngest on record, allowing him an unique perspective on the plight of the average Solder, as well as skills most Sith do not have the chance to learn, such as practical tactics and blaster combat. He was summoned by agents of the Dark council shortly before the attacks from Zakul, and given the age old option, train on Korriban, or be killed for hiding his force abilities. He obviously chose the living option and made his way to Korriban, where he was trained in an advanced class known as the Black Blades, agents of the dark council and given jurisdiction over a facet of Imperial rule, such as Black Op’s or a certain planet. His deeds on Korriban are clouded in questions, all that is for certain is that he left a pile of corpses behind and left Korriban as a whisper. Since the occupation of Zakul he has been given jurisdiction over a Majority of Imperial Black Ops, choosing more recon missions and the hunting of troublesome criminals and renegade Imperial groups.

Addendum- Recent whispers claim the Lord is sniffing around into past operations, though which ones and for what reason we are unsure, this lord seems adept at keeping his motives under his hood.

Mother: Kathrine Dreadsky/Crane- Darth Descrod


Father: Lord Brom Bones Crane- Darth Harmonac


Childhood:The Son of two respected lords of the sith, the boy did not show much sensitivity for many years, but his parents were hopeful, allowing him to learn the ways of war at an early age, the boy even having an aptitude for strategy games such as Dejarik. It was described that his masters would be his parents, after he was recurted into the academy his parents were sent to a losing battle against the Republic. Although they were hailed as heroes for pulling the battle into the favor of the Empire and inspireing the war effort to claim victory, the pair were found dead, embracing beneath a fallen republic fighter, lightsaber wounds to their hearts as well as mortal wounds to their bodies. It is theorized that during the battle, they were mortally wounded together, and instead of accepting a death by wartime accident, they embraced in love, and took the others life, keeping their honor in tact. Their lightsabers, matching in almost every way, were presented to the young Averous when he graduated from the Academy, still carrying them to this day.

Sociopolitical views: While he believes in the Sith code wholeheartedly he seem to dislike the traditional Sith Para-dime, the raising of sith only to die by them or kill them, as well as the typical infighting. While he has never been known to turn down a challenge in combat he remains calm through out the encounter, seeming to keep a calm deminor no matter the situation. Known for giving a lively and well thought out debate while in combat, philosophy is as natural to him as the saber. 


BLUF: This young Lord of the sith is an odd one, his rage is rarely seen, let alone obvious in his expression, choosing a more upbeat and smirking face as opposed to the typical scowl. While he claims his greatest strength is his level head and the mind that resides he is never to be underestimated, while his desire for the Empire to be strong and safe is never in question, his personal goals are rarely shared, his motives rarely known. Trustworthy as can be, but be cautious, a reserved sith lord is almost more dangerous than a raving lunatic, for they have true control over the darkness they feed from.


Notable developments: Recently given more Black Ops resources after successfully retrieving a large amount of Sith artifacts, adding to the sith’s power over all, even keeping a few for himself, including an artifact said to help a force user receive glimpses into the future, though reports on the specifics are guarded heavily by the Sith.

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