Journal: Less a book and more a few scraps of spare paper and vellum, scrabbled together from what was lying around Wintergarde. The title, or at least the beginning of the piece, was written with ink but that material appears to have been abandoned in short order. The way the poorly spelled word is smeared and spotty is some indication as to why. The rest is written with a pencil, and again, the spelling appears to be either phonetic or whatever the writer thought was appropriate.

JYRNAL…*unintelligible smear*

Himself is a git! Maken me ware a dress and dans fer nuthing! Ware he get off? Granted aynt haf bad lookin… dunno whadda make of himself. Gonna wait an see if hes bullshite or if them words is real. Bout soldjer stuff too aynt a soldjer but cant walk away now. 

Himself is still a git!

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