Snow lashed about her shoulders, tossed and whipped by a wickedly blowing wind. Another day, another night and moon rising as the eerie “night ghosts” of Northrend began their dance across the sky. The other lads of the convict camp called them that, and it seemed apt. Beautiful but so unnatural. 

Isolde could feel the shift of wolf and wild tugging at her as the moon rose, and let the feeling overwhelm her. With night falling and her vigil at this site beginning, she would need the extra fur and strength that the worgen form granted her. Reluctantly, though, and she buried her face within the thickly furred collar of her cloak to hide it from cold and sight, and golden-rimmed wolf’s eyes flexed and widened as the light dimmed. He was still gone, the barstid, and she knew that this was all she could do, save a miracle and a magical bloody dragon flying overhead.

Exhaustion tugged at her once more but she shook it off. She’d had enough sleep the other night at the keep, and now that odd drive…she at least recognized it now, but she kept it close and made a point of not letting it rise to the fore front of her thoughts. She didn’t think she *could* stop looking, and she wasn’t even sure why. Dogged determination seemed to set her steps on a scouting rotation she could not deviate from. And deep down, she thought, there’d be some weird way she’d know when ol’ gloomy guts would show his face again. It was godsdamned irritating, is what it was.

She rubbed her face and huffed, looking around and noting the snow here was thick enough and the ground littered with enough large stones that she could make a half decent bivouac. Aye, she’d sleep in the godsdamned snow if she had to, she weren’t that stupid to let herself freeze to death either. She grabbed the extra roll of fur, stitched from heavy bear hide, and wrapped it around herself, over her cloak, and settled into a crouch, eyes scanning the area once more. 

A growl echoed across the empty plain and dashed itself against the mountains. A bloody rabbit! Another git to add to her list. 

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