My trip to Balmora went well, I have always loved their weapons, and they like the food and medical supplies that i bring them, even through in a couple bottles of my special brew of rum. I of coarse mentioned not to be withing twenty feet of open flames with it, and its properties as a potential fuel…they promptly bought four crates of it. I delivered my shipment to the base of operations, even left a specially made modification for the revolver model the boss likes to carry in her quarters. I will admit, i can see why Halo is so bluntly determined to boink her, then again if its got two legs, tits and is above the legal age, he wants to Boink it. I give him credit for that at least, he’s a pervert, but he isn’t a Pervert…basic does not have the words for it. Huttesse is much more an expressive tongue, even your emotion in its delivery changes the words you use. 

He is however the epitome of what the empire loves, spoiled, powerful, and stubborn to a fault, if he wassent hidden away from them he could be a Lord by now, and that worries me. Among my other worries is this crew in general, without the remarkable Captian Jackie leading them this crew would be running about with their heads off. She reminds me a bit of my departed wife, strong willed, foul mouth when she needs it, and sharp as the vibroknife she keeps in her boot. Most women i meet these days are dimwitted and money devouring, she is a welcome change, ive always admired a Woman in charge. Reminds me also of my original C.O in the Imperial special forces, commander Nina Drell, hard as nails that woman, i swear she could scare the pants off the Dark council if she wanted

The others are another story, Bedisa seems wise for her age, but getting involved with her choice of men is dangerous, her neivity is only outweighed by her trust in others, which in a perfect galaxy would be an amazing thing, unfortunately our slice of heaven is far from perfect. Viessa and her Sidekick are a hoot, the former slave is her biggest fan, which is good for thier friendship and having an unbreakable enthusiasm they both share is a bit heartwarming. However, one is a Jedi, the other is…something else, a child with force powers and the impulse control of a Randy Rancor. Hopefully these “Masters” who come around baring ice-cream can teach her focus, my experience with the jedi tells me otherwise. 

Now onto the most recent development, i have, after nearly eleven years, revealed my real name and history, albeit a condensed version, to Jackie. I figured if anyone should know, it should be the person who is paying me for my services, and trusting me with her dealings, let alone her security. While i am not as Ham fisted as Halo in my Courting of women, i do hope she doesn’t take the gift as an attempt to buy her affection, that has happened too many times. Buy/steal a woman an expensive blaster upgrade, and they get all offended, or shoot you immediately after upgrading them. I am surprised she didnt kill me, seeing as she knew rumors of my old outfit, While im not holding out any hope of finding love again, being on her “Do not immediately shoot” list, is a good place to be. 

Bah, enough semantics, i have four crates of top of the line Balmoren weapons, Sliceing tech, and my old service pistols, Greed, my specially modified standard model, with precision recoil reduction and extending blade. As well as Envy, a twin to Greed but with precision modifications and a concussion charge barrel. If Zakul is our enimy, and my new friends want to stir up some trouble, I should show them how we did things in Blackops… 

End Recording.

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