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Packed, Mosur and Saashenka left the small two bedroom house they shared in Tian Monastery. A note was left on the door for the any who may visit informing of the short vacation the pair were taking.

I didn’t think I would be using this journal ever again, honestly why I still own it is a mystery. So many of its pages I’ve ripped out and destroyed in one way or another. The trip to Northrend is long though, especially from Pandaria, and even little Saaska sleeps sometimes.

The past week or two has been nothing but memories of the north and the battles that took place there a year…two years ago. Wars certainly rage a long time and in many different ways. But I’m glad for them to be finished, even if new and different ones rise on the horizon.

But meeting my Imp’s friend reminded me of others I had met during that time. Transgressions I caused and respects I still have to pay. Despite enjoying a simple new lifestyle unlike one I have known for a long time there are still duties I feel I have to those I once counted as friends.

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