A sealed letter is delivered directly to Jaffar by Doradrassil Longshadow. She gives him a look of urgency when she hands him this letter, but says nothing about it.



Regarding suspects — we have determined the kidnapper (but not ultimate perpetrator) to be a female night elf with gold eyes. We know of eight. Of the eight, five are Wardens. Of those five, two are instructors. DO NOT ENGAGE ALONE if a confrontation occurs.While I know some of them personally and can vouch for their character, I regard them all as suspects at this time. 

Mileleallaes Bluecaller – Warden and trainer
Syenllian Wintershadow – kaldorei military — not a Warden, but possibly a member of the Watchers
Wehealiath Seasword – Warden
Alyseidan Stillsong – Warden
Myrhveodraen Featherlance – Warden
Filanaanelle Bluemane – Warden and trainer
Shylme'dir Dewbreeze – I do not recognize this name. Records indicate she is stationed in Darnassus.
Sora Ravenwood – a physician, apothecary, and former Templar. Has had a prior relationship with Victor Blackwald. No known skills as an assassin. May have crafted the smoke bomb? See below.

I can confer with other Wardens not listed here and ascertain more information. Please confer with SI:7 as well. 

The smoke bomb generated fake felfire. Recipe made from very rare herbs found only in Teldrassil. Kidnapper is most likely not ultimate perpetrator — ability to contract such a highly-skilled assassin to kidnap but not kill suggests indirectly that perpetrator is either kaldorei or worgen. I suspect the former.

Good luck. I will forward all relevant information.


Doradrassil Longshadow, Warden

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