Koryander and Arialynn:


Below is the documentation you've requested on where the money has come from and what sort of business I've conducted.



1) Aertemis Hopesong – charitable donation from Aertemis to help me get my business running. I mentioned wanting to invest. She provided the capital to do it.
2) Mining operations in Jade Forest – mining operations were conducted by a team in the Jade Forest in Pandaria, while respecting Pandaria's unique environment and with the blessing of the locals.
3) City of Lakeshire – interest income from loan to Lakeshire, detailed under "Payables."
4) Sisters of Elune – the Darnassian priesthood has donated modest amounts here and there to contribute to the reforesting of damaged areas of Ashenvale.


1) Razboom Crankshaft and crew – a former, washed-up self-proclaimed "Trade Prince," this goblin has several qualities that make him uniquely suitable to this business. See details below.
2) City of Lakeshire – a modest sum was invested into the City of Lakeshire to generate and promote a regular market so as to enhance local commerce in the township, in return for a minimal fee of interest.


Charitable Donations:
1) Ashenvale – A large number of saplings was planted and tended to in several areas of Ashenvale that were damaged by the Cataclysm and the subsequent Alliance/Horde conflicts there. Night elf druids were on hand to bless the saplings before they were planted. 
2) Durotar Relief – Food and other living necessities were dropped off anonymously in Durotar to aid in relief efforts there after the siege of Orgrimmar.
3) Razboom Crankshaft's pet project – Razboom has been quietly working to acquire Rann Dawnbringer's ancestral home in Silvermoon City so he can give her the deed as a surprise gift. Some money has been forwarded to Mr. Crankshaft to aid in this goal.


Personnel Details:
Razboom Crankshaft 


This goblin has a history with Rann Dawnbringer from when she was neutral. (It was he who nicknamed Rann the "Aspect of Awesome.") While the two often bicker, they have had some semblance of interest in each other. Razboom is loyal enough to Rann to value her over his love of money, as evidenced by his personal project to reacquire her ancestral home from the City of Silvermoon in the hopes that she can peacefully return there someday. 


With Rann's declaration of Alliance allegiance, Razboom's own allegiance has shifted. He now refrains from doing business with the Horde, conscious that he could, for example, sell a weapon that might kill her. He also views the Alliance as a better business opportunity as it has less goblin competition in commerce. 


Recruiting Razboom has deprived the Horde of a resource while diverting it to the Alliance, with a noted lack of bloodshed. The sight of a team of goblins planting trees in Ashenvale has helped to reduce factional animosity in a small way, and further ways of doing so are being searched for.


On the negative side:
1) Razboom constantly requests more funding and resources, and the lifting of my restrictions such as the respect for Pandaria's environment. He is assured each time that while the results may come more slowly than he would like, they will come steadily and with the locals' continued blessing as long as he continues to abide by their (and my) rules.
2) Razboom's cooperation is secured in part because he believes me to be a competing goblin Trade Prince. We have met, but never in the capacity of employer/employee. While he does excellent work, he naturally wants to supplant and replace his boss. Keeping him guessing about who I am is the only way to keep his attempts at this to a minimum. At present, he does not dare cross me. I may be harmless, but he doesn't know that. Let's face it: I'm hardly an imposing figure, so one look at me and he'd never do another job for me again. That said, I am looking for ways to remedy this "mystery" aspect of myself while retaining his cooperation.


Personnel Details:
Peter Alabaster 
Peter is a Gilnean worgen, and serves as a message courier.
((Lots more IC stuff that I'm too tired for right now about who this guy is and why he's trustworthy))


I hope this helps to settle any concerns regarding my business. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 


Mallory Jane Everley

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