Luci, Lila –

You won’t believe it.  You really won’t.

So – I get picked up by the Jackals – Bel got really hurt during the attack.  I’ve been taking care of her, and she’s going to be alright.  I figured you should know.

Anyway.  I got picked up by the Jackals, and of course that means that I’ve got to go meet with the Boss and work out details, right?  You will never guess who the Boss is.

My brother.

Seriously.  That jerkface took over after I torched his boss, and has been apparently keeping an eye on me the whole time.  His name is Kyrin – he’s great with mechanical stuff and explosives and things; you’re going to love him, Luci.  I can’t wait to have you meet!  Anyway – not only did I get a new job?  I got family back.  How great is that?

We’re getting settled in at the speedbarge, and Kyrin’s teaching me how to fly.  It’s not really that hard – and I love it.  It’s so freeing – just you and the machine and the sky.  I’ve ridden on animals and stuff before, but … i think I like machines.  There’s something about the joy of it, of being in control and learning how it works and everything, you know?

I’ve got a room on the ground and they sort of shoved me in the field hospital and said ‘please make it work’, so I am.  I’m really happy I did that time with the Templars; I learned all about how they worked and what you need.. I’m going to have everything just humming in no time, you watch.

I think we kidnapped somebody, though – apparently there was a vulpera who was having a bad time, so they stuck her in one of the cabins while everyone was working, and they just took off with her there.  Crazy, huh?  She’s got white fur and .. even being a bit of a pain?  I sort of like her.  Well, I feel for her, anyway.

Syrin’s just.. staying with us for a while.  He won’t work for or with Kyrin directly, and I don’t get it – but he’s just.. helping, and everyone’s mostly okay with that.  I hope it works out – I want Syrin to stay, which is really, really selfish, but… I just like him.  It kinda feels like having papa again, a little, you know?

Anyway – we’re going to go look at boats.  And then it’s back to flying lessons… and Bel’s making me learn how to do real math, too.

OH!  Yeah.  She and Kyrin are a thing.  It’s cute – they’re really great together.  Mostly.  I have this feeling that they make each other’s life really interesting, and that’s what they like most.

Got to run.  Will write more later.

Love –


(a similar letter is sent to Malien and L’ya, and to Doryn.)

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