Elli glanced at the soaring spires of Valdrakken as she walked through the capital city of the Aspects and gave a small smile.  “It’s good to see something that’s lasted,” she murmured before turning to face an approaching younger elf.  Her face set into her normal scowl at anyone from the Cenarion Circle, causing the other druid to hesitate at approaching her.  “What is it now?”  Elli growled as the intimidated elf handed her a sealed parchment and fled.  Growling louder as she read, Elli’s eyes shifted to amber when she finished.  The paper crumpled and tore under her now clawed hands.  “Assholes want me to babysit because they’re too dumb or too arrogant to understand?  Fine.”  Her lips split into a fang-filled smile.  “They have no idea what they’ve asked for.”  Her countenance smoothed, leaving nothing of the wolf in the Kaldorei’s appearance as her feral smile shifted to calculating grin.  “Time to head to Duskwood and see what I can do for the lost little worgen.”

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