Prime Censor:

The Templars were able to intercept a specific report from one of the carriage drivers that frequent Revendreth. Among it was other reports, but the report itself seems important, if encoded. It bears the mark of Castle Nathria, and hint of the scent of the Maw upon it. The other information may also be useful to you.

Khopaali, an artificer of some power, was able to create an obstruction of the carriage identified for the mail. Once the carriage began its attempts to maneuver, Coira, a friend of the Templars and Chiro, went into action. Coira polymorphed the sinrunners ahead of the carriage, and Chiro managed to paralyzed the dredger driver.

The Justicar and I disabled the stoneborn and venthyr guards, albeit messily. The carriage itself was crushed upon impact with Khopaali’s crystal barricade, and created more crystals to incur what may have been follow up forces to investigate the crash. No casualties on our end, and there was an attempt to make sure that the crash looked like an accident of some sort. I am unsure how effective that ruse may be. Please see the attached package.

-Glacierfur, Templar and Knight of the Ebon Blade

Attached with the report is a bag full of reports, with the most important letter on the top. The other letters vary in usefulness to reports of troop movements to terrible invitations to parties that are probably less than important. And one strange letter from a Mysterious Admirer, to one Lady Sourwine.

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