Mallory glanced once more over the documents before her, having gone over them in detail numerous times already. Satisfied that there was nothing more she would catch, or at least that any further adjustments would not yield any real improvement, she gave a curt nod to them and folded them in half, stashing them in a large envelope for now.

“I think this will do,” she said.

“Dozzat mean ye’re out of me house then?” Daldrin asked, the kind dwarven farmer who had hosted Mallory since she had gone into hiding during the Draenor campaign. It was a pleasant jab; he had grown fond of his long-term guest and she had ensured he always had help around his isolated farm on Arathi’s eastern seaboard.

Mallory grinned. “More or less, I’m afraid.”

The black-haired dwarf shook his head with a mock sigh. “‘Bout damn time,” he grumbled. “I been itchin’ to get back to workin’ sunup to sundown wi’out a wee moment’s break!”

Mallory chuckled. “The hired help stays. It’s the least I can do.”

At this, Daldrin’s eyes widened, and he did look genuinely surprised. “Wait, yer serious, lassie? Ye ain’t got to do that!”

“I’ve imposed on you enough,” Mallory insisted, stepping around what had become her room, and gathering some of her things. “You’ve kept me safe through one of the most dangerous wars in Azeroth’s history, and that leaves me quite thoroughly in your debt. And I always pay my debts.”

“So those papers there, whot exactly do they do anyway?”

“Just formalizing my business’s base of operations really,” Mallory said with a shrug, getting some of her books together. “I’ve done a lot of this under the radar, mostly to protect my privacy. This will let me legitimize the business — I’ve always kept it on the up and up anyway — but still protect my privacy so I can stay a mystery to the Horde.”

“So whot’s yer new base o’ operations then, lassie?”

Mallory smiled. “Oh, nothing new. Same as it always has been really.”

“So yer headin’ to…?”

“Where else? Teldrassil.”

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