�Have you noticed?� Mallory asked. �These pamphlets seem to be everywhere. I know I was in hiding for awhile, but I know Stormwind didn�t have so many of these.�

Peter shrugged. �Lot of crackpots out in force right now,� he mused, raising his worgen snout into the Stormwind air and taking a sniff. �They must have had some alarmist gathering recently.�

Mallory bit her lower lip. �I� don�t know.�

Peter looked at her incredulously, and stooped to snatch a flyer off the ground as it blew past on the breeze. �What�s not to know?� he asked. �This is nonsense. Bunker builders? Demon disguises? Come on, Mallory. You can�t possibly think�� He paused, his eyes narrowing. �Wait� You�ve already dug something up on this, haven�t you?�

�No,� Mallory protested as a scraggly doomsayer came around the corner with a sign draped over her body. She fell silent and nodded to the doomsayer, giving her a close look as they passed by each other. Something…felt odd.

By the time the doomsayer was out of earshot, Mallory muttered, �Look� All I�m saying is, some of them look familiar. I think a few of them are the same cultists who came out everywhere just before Deathwing attacked.�

She could see the gears turning in Peter�s head as comprehension sank in. �So you�re saying…the last time this happened��

�Boom,� Mallory said quietly.

�But Mal, it could still be coincidence. One cult fell apart, so they join another one. There�s bound to be a few survivors who did just that.�

�True,� Mallory confessed. �But our goblin friends are reporting similar activity in Orgrimmar.�

�So what?� Peter argued, just above a whisper. �Those cultists probably did the same thing.�

��Probably� isn�t good enough,� Mallory insisted, unable to shake a sinking feeling about the whole thing. �I need to know. And not from one of those — as you said — crackpots. I don�t want to be inundated with conspiracy theories about how Theramore was an inside job and what-not. There�s a young woman. I�ve seen her around the city outskirts sometimes. Red hair, a lot of freckles, and always has a voidwalker with her. She�s mute� I think. Her voidwalker speaks for her. If you find her, you won�t be able to miss her, with all the dirty looks she gets.�

�You think she�ll know what�s up with all these cultists?�

�No. But I think the voidwalker will. And she seems to have a proven ability to make it talk.�

�What makes you think its information will be accurate?�

�We�ll just have to figure that out when we get there,� Mallory said with a sigh, shaking her head. �But something doesn�t feel right about this whole thing…and I want to know what it is. Like you said� Last time a bunch of cultists came out saying the end was near, Deathwing attacked. I don�t want to be caught off guard again. Find her. Arrange a meeting, and let�s get to the bottom of this.�

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