As fast as Elli could fly through the night sky, she couldn’t out fly her thoughts. Why didn’t she just keep her mouth shut? Ryo, as annoying as he was, didn’t deserve the turmoil her words apparently caused him. Selfish. That’s what she was. Too busy wanting someone to be at least a *little* bit like her to let him be at peace with who he was now. Someone like her? But who was she? What was she? She still didn’t know.

Those dreams that began when they invaded Naz’jatar were coming more and more frequently. Strange visions of places and people she didn’t know. Scenes of lives that made her ache and she didn’t know why. Maybe she was going mad. Maybe Goldrinn’s gift was finally becoming a curse and driving her insane.

She squawked a harsh laugh. Maybe the druids would finally send someone to bring her down. Maybe she was slowly becoming a raving, savage beast like the ones she’d been tasked with hunting for years. Maybe, if she did to others what she did to Ryo, she’d deserve it.

Sighing, she eased down to the isolated cave she’d made into a secluded den shortly after arriving in Kul Tiras. Maybe she was just tired. Tired after all the fighting and all of the time being around people. Tired of not knowing who or what to be anymore or trying to be who and what others needed her to be. Shifting to cat form, she lay down, head on front paws, tail curling around her. Maybe all she needed were a few nights of dreamless sleep. Maybe tonight she’d have that.

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  • Zenru45
    November 15, 2019 at 8:11 pm
    ((Wow... um... I think Ryo and Etsi need adults!)) Zen: "I'm an adult?" ((No... no you're not.))
  • November 16, 2019 at 4:14 pm
    Zen needs like 10 adults. But agreed, poor Etsi and Ryo. They're both beasts in the midst of civilization.

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