A series of dispatches arrives at Greywatch together, in the hands of a young highmountain Tauren who spends a day recovering and resupplying before leaving again.

[To Arialynn]:

Arialynn – 

The Grand Marshall was with the Feltotem, but the demons have taken him.  I am trying to learn where it is they are going now, but I am not sure.  

They are leading Etsiyona away from him, and they are leading her east.  Demons are being very predictable – perhaps this will help you in seeking the Marshall.  

Please try to look soon – they are planning something for him, but  I do not know what.  The demons I have broken do not know.



[To Victor Blackwald:]

Victor – 

South and west, past the feltotem.  The fallen Tauren may know more, but I cannot spare time to find out.  The Marshall is yours to find – take any who will understand, and start with the demons who bring fire to the place where the chieftans are buried.  They will know more.  Cael will help – she wishes to seek him, but must not go alone.  

Etsiyona is being led away – the demons fear that she will find Acele.  When it is I find her, I will come to where the rest are.  They are afraid of her, and it is good – but I cannot leave her forgotten.  You will likely find much help in seeking the Marshall, but I do not know that others are looking for her, and I cannot leave her.

With this is the marshall’s badge; I had hoped there would never be need, yes?  But this is yours – he told me that, if it was needful, using it would get help from the Alliance, where they can.  I must trust you to use this well, yes?  But remember there is war, and more than us.  Do not take what cannot be spared.

Demons hurt, when they are not fighting.  Poisons do not do much, but they do not like the cold, and are unused to pain that lasts.  Use this as you will, yes?

Victor – do not go alone.  Acele will be guarded and defended, yes?  They are wanting him for something, and if it is they have not gotten it, it will not be the things he knows.  It will be something more.  Do not trust the guildstones.


(Included is an alliance badge of office, of brass and gold.)

[To Zen:]

Zen – 

I am needing your help – I think it is I have an idea, but am not good at the making of things.

I need a thing that will make a large space smell like Acele.  Can you make this thing?   I will find it in Greywatch, if it is you leave it there, with how it is working.

Please try to make it explode a little?  Not hurt-exploding, but .. .it is fun when things explode a little, yes?


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