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Mosur sat on a hill looking down over the Tian Monastery. He stretched his legs out and laid back in the grass. He couldn’t keep this up, but then why did he start it? He was always tarrying after someone these days it seemed. And for what? To save some woman, some girl, to do the right thing? Things were so much simpler two years ago.

What had really changed? His eyes closed and the sun shined down on him, warming his exposed flesh and heating his robes. He felt that…since Draenor his life had been filled with missteps. His dove not a misstep of his own, but that was the start was it not? And Rea..lost her husband… “Look out for her ‘til I get there Moe.” He did a fine job of that…letting her wander back to Shattrath and get slaughtered by the orcs. Or at least so he had thought for all these years.

His stomach turned over and he shook his head to clear his mind. She hadn’t died..but he’d been unable to go to her..he was sure she had died, and he didn’t want to see that. Two women he couldn’t save…

Then there was Merry; he let her die. Let her make the deal with Subigo that she would die trying to kill Xodius. It was only by some scheme of the flame druids that she survived. He would have done nothing though. Woman three.

His Imp, the demon would have had her, wanted to rip out her heart, what could he do? Doesn’t matter..he did save her, right? He was scolded for it. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Then there-

His eyes opened and he sat up. Thoughts, memories. They were poisonous, they were weighty. He was so worried about who he was now and how he’d gotten here. He kept trying to change but wasn’t making the necessary efforts…the right efforts.

He stood up and dusted the grass from the back of his robe and looked down to check himself over. Yes, he looked fine. He glanced over his shoulder at the yellow-blue moth resting in a growth of wild flowers. He clicked his tongue the way he’d heard Saaska do it many times before and caught the moth’s attention. He just needed to find Jamus now.

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