Three centuries into the future 

A cloaked figure approached the memorial, a faint silver glow emanating from under the hood covering its face.  Kneeling down, the figure planted a rough-hewn stake with a small piece of leather attached at the base of the monument.  Long, slender fingers carefully began removing wind-blown debris from the area around the pedestal holding a statue of a couple, a human male and a Draenei female, foreheads touching and arms wrapped around each other in a tender embrace.  Another cloaked figure performed the same function on another statue a short distance away, this one of a young woman with laughter in her eyes and flames sprouting from her hands.  Once finished, the second figure moved over to the first and placed a cold, but comforting hand on the first one’s shoulder.  “Come. It is time to be going.  We are being needed elsewhere, yes?”  The first figure nodded and, though the silver glow coming from the hood never changed, the hand tending the memorial became furred and clawed.  One last gentle caress of the statue’s feet and the first figure moved silently away with the second.  


A warm breeze fluttered the tattered strip of leather as the two figures disappeared, exposing the writing on the underside:

“Miss you still.”

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