Aiya-Cho Nightpetal can be said to be many things.  Annoying, sometimes – a little bookish. (Okay, a lot bookish – ) … artistic!  Sure.  Artistic.  But not stealthy.  Never, ever stealthy.   Never had she wished for stealth more than this moment – sneaking in, as she was, well after midnight into rooms that were already cluttered, and… with a stolen blanket over her head that smelled strongly of horse.

Everything betrayed her.  The door creaked.  The floorboards squeaked.  Even her quiet shuffle *whuffwhuff*ed along the floor in the most irritatingly loud padding sound she could possibly imagine.  Her clothing seemed to shout its whispering.  Her staff clonked the bedframe as she set it down slowly.  

But.  She thought she made it.  She really did.  Half-undressed, -almost- to bed… 

.. when the lantern came on.  Held in a very displeased, sisterly paw.

“And where have you been?”  Kun was accusatory.  

Petal didn’t turn around – just quickly stripped off her robe and wrapped the blanket… around her face again. “Nowhere. Well, Un’Goro?  For a little bit.  Just.. you know.  Helping.  With.  Reth… Re/s/earch.”  The ‘s’ came out with peculiar emphasis.  “Just gonna go to bed now.  Kay?”

Kun stared.  Bone /ridges/ poked through her sister’s fur, giving her a peculiar, hunched appearance in the dim light. “The /hell/?”

“It’th.. it’/s/ nothing.  Really.  Just a thing.  Nothing to worry about -at all-.  Promith.  Promise.  Really.”  

Kun grabbed the blanket.  Pulled.  Stared.  “… what the hell did you /do/?”

Petal squeaked, dove into bed – but not before her sister saw the six-inch claws and the visage of a really worried -/sabertoothed/- Petal.  “Honetht it’ll be FINE I jutht need to theleep a little!”

Kun facepawed.  “And you give me crap for being drunk for two weeks?  WHAT THE HELL?”

“… ith it that bad?”

Kun carefully hung the lantern before throwing up her hands. “YES.  What did you DO?”

“Well, there were dinoth… dino/s/aurs and we were doing research and..”

“You know.  I don’t -want- to know.  Just.  Don’t.  Even.  I’m going to bed.  I’ll yell at you tomorrow.  A lot.”

*SLAM* went the door to Kun’s separate room.  

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