(ed. Note – this is an excerpt from Petal’s personal journal, research notes, and general doodle book.  It’s written in pandaren, and can be had ICly – just give me a nudge!)

I’ve come to realize that there is a discrepancy in current Legion activity relative to the ‘fuel’ being gathered.  

Hangon.  Start at the beginning, then the middle, then the end.

Prior to the events surrounding the recovery of my Knight, the Tirisgarde, compiling evidence from its own field agents and the Kirin Tor, placed the rate of disappearances – specifically, those individuals who could not be accounted for on the dead list for Alliance military operations – at something near 30 percent of those who have fallen.  It is known, too, that nearly a third of the population of the great city at the heart of Suramar has been shipped out to be processed prior to the ongoing intervention to disrupt those processing lines and maybe save a few lives.

So I started thinking – which is always dangerous – why isn’t something bigger going on?  

I know there’s a war raging at the Nighthold, but the number of demons reported as present is surprisingly small.  The greatest threats to alliance forces really seem to be the fel elves out of Suramar, and the demons are generally concentrated in three primary enclaves on the ‘mainland’ of the isles.

Let’s call a single life a ‘quanta’, for lack of a better word, of potential Fel energy.  The average warlock I’ve seen can pull demons into reality – really powerful demons – with what they’re telling me is about a ‘quanta’ worth of fel – and no, I refuse to ask where they’re gathering it.

So.  If the numbers of the Legion are limitless… where are the reinforcements?  Even if they’re not opening portals… all of the demons were here on the isles -and- there were assaults everywhere across the whole of Azeroth.  All of that is staged to be some kind of strike force somewhere – and you’d think, well.  It would be here.  

But it isn’t.  They’re just burning through the purple elves at an alarming rate.  Don’t get me wrong – Genocide certainly seems like a demon thing, but I’ve heard some of the military people talk like the assault on Suramar is actually going well.

But where are the demons?  The soul engines run nonstop… where is all that power going?  What can they possibly be fueling?  


(a drawing of Cael – a /really good/ drawing of Cael – under a blanket, asleep.  Head on pillow.)


(Another /really/ good drawing – this one of Drakku.  Apparently, he drools a little when /he/ sleeps, feet propped up on a little footstool, in a chair next to a small table with a small pile of books.  Pandaren for ‘still life with Draenei’ is written down the right side.)


(There is an entire page of calligraphy – practice writing the same character over and over again, with subtle differences in brushstrokes.  This character is ‘Wounded’.)


(… ‘Ana + Kun Yi’ is in a little heart.  With wings.  Aww.)


(Tucked on one corner of a page is this:)

There isn’t any such thing as ‘fixing people’.  There’s just loving them exactly as they are, where they are, and hoping it all works out okay.

(The same page has a drawing of a dumpling, in charcoals.)


I have been reading books on sailing for the last week – I got -incredibly-  seasick on the trip across the great water, and while I’m not sure reading’s going to fix that, apparently standing on the deck more will.

Somehow, Kun and I have agreed to be crew for the idiotic pirate that stole everything.  Kun thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not – now we have transportation, lots of people to help – he has a whole crew, and these Templars – and, on top of everything, he can’t escape on his ship with the box without us being there.

Uncle told me that my honor was my own choice, and that was as unhelpful and likely as profound as everything else Uncle says.  But I’m not letting that pirate out of my sight.  Kun /will/ get her destiny, and…

… yeah, it means I have an excuse to stay around for a while longer, too.  Which is so not bad at all.  They’re nice people.  

I hope he doesn’t make me work below decks.  

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