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There were stories, tales where the antagonist changed their very way of being in the last chapter and did ‘the right thing‘ saving everyone. Why did people write stories like that? That’s not how the world worked, why did people cling to beliefs and hopes like that. It only hurt them in the end.

   Wasn’t I enough?

      Why would you do that?

         Why would you hurt me like that?

Belief in stories like that is just one of the reasons betrayal hurt so much. People believed if they could show someone just how much they loved them or how much they cared for them…if they showed them just how good the world really was, that it would make them change.

Bullshit, lies.

The more time he spent getting to know Caelryn the more dangerous this friendship was becoming. Despite Koryander’s training he was still an amateur fighter, and the possibility of a fight with the young pup wasn’t something he was looking forward to. If things turned out in the fashion he had prepared for, her mood, the fight itself would swing one of two wild ways. Neither was desirable; unabashed anger, or crushing sadness. His main concern was that her moods would swing toward the violent side and he would have to defend himself. He could only hope his hand wouldn’t be forced, that would be unfortunate. But in the end he had made obligations, chosen his side of the board, he had his reasons though some would scoff at them.

It had been a funny line of thought to hit on, fantasy, fairy tale endings. How in the end everything will be okay. Those was all lies we told ourselves and told each other, but maybe they were necessary in order to keep going. In situations like this where Sielic attempted to sow seeds of distrust throughout the Templars. You could attempt to fight him by not believing him. Sure. But Mosur was a firm believer that the truth was a better way to spread terror than lies, especially for someone like Sielic. If he was caught in even one lie, a blatant one not a technicality, then it would give the Templars free reign to disregard anything he did as a possible lie. It would be a lot more comforting for Templars to hear he had traitors in the wings and feel as though they could disregard his statement as just another lie.

He believed Sielic though, Mosur knew there would be more to come, knew that there were those among Templars who had given their loyalty to him. The only question was how and when Sielic would begin again. He had made a good move. Templars either had to believe Sielic was lying and leave their backs open, or trust there were still traitors in the ranks and keep looking over their shoulders. It was an admirable play, and one of the reason’s Mosur had made the decision he did. Despite what one might think about his normal demeanor, Mosur did not like to lose.

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