Sleep…. i almost forgot how terrifying it is. 


Sleep does a mind good they say, does a body better, people who say thet have never woken up with a dagger in their chest, or against their neck. Still… the space between drifting off and waking is calming most of the time, for the briefest moments, you are nothing. You have no pain, you have no worries, no nagging fear of what beast you’ll face next, or wondering how many days until your next meal. Finally afforded enough coin to get to this floating rock, least here there are nice patches of grass on ledges too steep for most to bother ya..good thing i don’t sleepwalk. 


Was odd, being in a pub again, like a good, proper pub… Tellin me story from an outside perspective only makes me seem more of a fool. Ive been wandering so long now, survived by skill and blood alone so far..though the occasional kind stranger has kept me from keelin over. Those gnomes were kind, seein to an ol fools wounds, fruitless as it was, ill just get hurt again soon, but at least i slept. Demons…always disliked demons, we blame them for plenty, forgetting that sometimes people can just be awful and petty. What a foul breed we are at the best of times…

How many have i killed to survive? How many villages have i drifted into, removing their threats, and disappearing into the night? They don’t remember a name, or an act, they just recall a grey haired man entering, and their problem stopping. I don’t mind, though if i had stuck around i could probably afford more than this bloody loaf of bread. A broken sword is all i have left, watch out Legion…


This old dog isn’t done yet…

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