Silence, to some it is a sign of calm, a place of peace and serenity where all the answers lie before them, for myself, silence is simply a sign that someone is not on the ship. It is uncommon for a student of the Academy to reside with her future master, but one cannot take the risk of the weaklings that scurry before that student to get bold while they sleeps or meditates. While i have this moment of quiet i have a guest i must attend to, something i have neglected for long enough.

The pale sith moves to a shipping container, kicking it over before it clicks open, a thin and starving woman slowly crawls from her confines, trying to crawl away. “Hello agent, i do hope you have enjoyed your accommodations, not as grand as my bed chambers but we do not have the luxury of a drawn out seduction tactic.” His words stung her like her cracked rib, she had attempted just that a few days before, now here she was, in a trap of her own. She looks at him with a mix of hate and fear, keeping silent as he speaks, defiant to a fault. “It is fine, you do not have to speak just yet, we have plenty of time…” He chuckles with a wicked smile, walking almost past her before gripping a hold of her hair, dragging her by it as she screams and protests, trying futilely to pry his hand from her hair, slowly moving toward a sealed room. The door hisses as it opens, she gets thrown in harshly, met face to face with, a body, but not just any body, she screams in terror and sorrow as the face mirrors her own, covered in blood and burns. “Your sister provided me your plan, and the dates of which you were planning your little kidnapping, why must every pair of twins i encounter be insane..?” he sighs as the door seals behind them, he pulls the broken husk from the special chair in the center of the room and tosses the living woman into it, strapping her in nice and tight.

As he prepares he hears the familiar singsong voice of his apprentice, as she looks around the ship for him, ending up in the same room she tilts her head “New toy masta, looks alot like the last one..” Her accent was thick, her genes saw to that, hair as red as the blood on her clothes, eyes burning gold, skin fair and pale. Her curves were an inheritance from her mother, and her sharp wit was a gift from her father, combined with their skills in combat, and before the poor woman stood a newly of age tool of death. “ would be a shame to waste this opportunity, you will perform the interrogation, and execution of the sisters.” Sisters….the girl in the chair looks down in horror as her sister, thought to be dead, shivers, eyes glazed over, broken and eerily silent. The Red haired woman tilts her head and smirks lightly, cracking her knuckles and stretching her arms out, getting nice and loose for what is to come. “Very well master, do you think they will count this as part of my trials, the instructors are reluctant to give me a true test of interrogation.” The red devil of a man nods with a grin “We shall see my dear, something you should learn first, this woman and her sister, were planning the kidnapping, torture, breeding with, and murder apon pregnancy….of your father and Uncle.” 

The girl shivers, how could he know, did her sister tell him everything, the two of them had held the twins obsession since they were freed and recruited by imperial intelligence, Keeping track of and even helping the brothers along the way. The red haired girl before her burned with rage, her eyes glowing brightly with the fury of the Darkside, her hands reach out, crackling lightly fires from the tips of her fingers, sending lines of power through her body. She spazams, jerking around in the chair wildly as the electrocution seems to go on forever, eyes watering as she gurgles on her saliva, before the power is cut, and she pants and sobs into her lap, stained with her own shame. The girl was far from done, striking the agent across the face with her fist, the soft crack of her teeth could be heard as she swings with another hook, the left side this time, The beaten girl relches and vomits to the side, blood and teeth follow her bile as she shivers and whimpers. Still unsatisfied the girl takes up small metal pins, and begins to slowly insert them along nerve points on the body of her until now, unresponsive sister, who screams out in pain, snapped back into her mind as he nerve points are stabbed. Her rage billowing she sends a long blast of lightning to both of them, bringing them to scream in agony, filling the room in a synphony of suffering, her master standing behind, smiling softly, as his hand sways side to side, as if conducting.

After what seemed like hours of this, the two girls lie in a slump on the floor, quivering and twitching, the blood haired young sith pants as she draws her Saberstaff, her hand shaking in anger as she takes one last stab, striking through the two broken women, killing them in one strike. She moves to stab again, but her hand is caught, her master pulling her back and out of the room, she raises her hand to strike at him, but stops short, extinguishing her blade and bowing her head “I am sorry masta, i just became, so angry….the power wouldn’t top…i..couldn’t stop…Dah’….and uncle…are they ok?” She looks up at him, a single tear falling as she peers to him in fear. He nods and turns from her, moving to a holo console “They are in good company, and mostly safe for the time being..” she nods and looks down at her hands, covered in blood, even more now then when she came in..”I will clean up master…i think i think im ready..” She nods and moves to her room, preparing to clean up. Korrinth moves to a holo terminal, sending a long saved message to the ship, registered as.. the Devil’s Gamble. “It is time..”

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