Seella busied herself packing her family’s belongings while her mind raced.

The Scourge have returned

She didn’t fault, couldn’t fault Ace for trying to protect her, but she also couldn’t help but feel a little angry at him.  He was retired.  When he learned something now, he didn’t have to keep it a secret from her because it was information only the Grand Marshals and other military officers could know.


Seella snapped out of her reverie at the sound of her daughter’s voice.  Turning around, she saw all three of her children standing there, Leitha in the middle holding Jayla’s and Wilks’ hands.  A smile lifted her lips at the sight of them.  “Yes, my angels?”

“Are you and Daddy leaving?”  Imperceptibly, Leitha’s hands tightened on her brother and sister’s.

“Yes.  But you are coming with us.”  Seella’s smile brightened when the two older children visibly relaxed.  “I am doing the packing for all of us.”  Her smile turned teasing.  “But I am thinking if there are things you are wanting to bring you should be helping, yes?”

All three children returned the smile and bolted for their rooms.  Well, the two girls bolted.  Wilks toddled as fast as his chubby little legs could reasonably carry him.  Seeing the children lifted Seella’s mood, washing away the anger trying to build in her.  We will be okay.  Regardless of what happens, we will be okay.

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