Against his better judgment and the orders given, Cosman uses his stone walking staff to limp to the Inn, sneaking into the kitchen is hard enough, let along with a limp and being a large being with hooves. The staff let him be and allow him to set up his Tea set. The brew he enjoyed during downtime due to injury, Is an herbal blend he discovered through some experimenting, the small amount of unwashed poppy seeds likely helps, not enough to get one addicted, but enough that it is best sipped and not chugged. He adjusts the recipe and only adds a few, he would need to find an alternative recipe to share with others, since the effect can be..Jarrink. He sighs as he holds his hand over the pot, heating the water with a small controlled flame, while breathing hurts he maintains a steady breath as he brews. After the flame is set and constant he sets out a journal, bound in thick black leather, he takes his quill and begins writing. 

” Another attack, this time from the opposite side, scaling the cliffs as an attack pattern is not the smartest move, but had they brought a larger force it could have been worse than it was, i was shot about four times, thrice in my arms, and once in my chest, the last one was unpleasant to say the least. I am under orders to not join patrols, which is of no consequence since i can use my limited far-sight to scout the cliff, making sure another sneak attack is preventable. A bit of rest is good, but being stagnate and unable to fight or train is going to take getting used to… I despise being useless, feeling weak, after i escaped those damned demons and my brother, i swore i would never be weak again. I think after my tea i shall hide behind the fort and get in some light training, Pain is temporary, but i must be careful.

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