A very large, extremely heavy package arrives addressed to Drun.  Inside is a note:

Hi Drun! It’s me Emi!   



  Absolom is huge.  Like Goka huge.  There’s SO much stuff here!  I don’t think it’s a well-organized or clean as Goka but it still seems pretty nice.  



Everyone here is talking about some champion of the Irorium named Thud.  He’s an ogre.  I don’t know if that’s a common name among ogres but there was one named Thud that worked for the Duchess lady we got Agatha’s pistol from.  Sneaky Pete knew who he was so maybe he’d know if it was the same Thud.  I think Chiro is wanting to compete in it.  I’m not sure how I feel about that because I don’t want her to get hurt but I know she’s strong and smart and a good fighter.  I wish you were here so you could maybe give her some advice.  



I visited the temple of Sarenrae.  The back wall of the temple had these really pretty reliefs all over it but the stone was gray and kind of drab.  I spoke to a cleric and made some sketches for him so show how gold leaf and blue detailing could be used to make it prettier (gold and blue are Her favorite colors).  In exchange for my drawings, the cleric gave me a book that I can write stories in!  


I also visited Abadar’s temple and he was pleased enough with me to give me a few coins.  I gave them to the cleric here for the donation box and he asked me to bring the box to a businessman who was having difficulties.  He used to sell alchemy stuff that he got from a supplier (he doesn’t make any himself) but his wife got sick and a bad person was mean to his supplier so he can’t make ends meet anymore.  I didn’t get to meet him because he was working but his wife and daughter were really nice.  They both gave me hugs!  I gave them the donation plus a little more to tide them over and told them to contact Melda since she makes things like they sell.  I’m writing to Melda too so maybe she’ll be nice and use them as him as a middle man to sell the things she makes.   


I found this metal crafting shop (I was trying to maintain discipline but Torag told me there was so much cool stuff inside so I had to go in) while I was wandering between the visits to the temple.  The dwarf working there showed me this axe and said it was made by his grandfather.  His said his grandfather never sold it because no one could effectively wield it. I know you’re really big and strong and though you could use it so I bought it for you.  I hope you like it!    


I’ll write more again later.  

Hugs and licks!



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  • vendon
    April 29, 2018 at 2:03 pm
    Two weeks later, your receive this reply. Praise you! I had a battleaxe before I was captured. Sadly, it was taken by one of the gnolls warriors. I think with some practice, I can get use to the extra weight. I looked for Pete, but Jark had said that he left camp for a 'job.' I don't know when he will return. You have a kind heart to help those in need, friend. By now you may have done battle at the arena, but I still wish to say; make sure you know which fight you are doing. If it is to first blood, the penalty for killing someone is very harsh. If it is to the death, then you are required to kill the enemy. Beware of ogres, they are mighty adversaries. If this one is the champion of the Irorium, he must be very strong. -Drun

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