Because Chiro is my friend and she adores you, I decided to write this. Sarenrae teaches that everyone deserves a chance at redemption but it’s up to you to achieve that redemption. I’m not sure if you understand that (granted it’s been less than a week), so I thought I’d give you an idea to guide you a possible path if you choose to take it.

We heard from you about how terrible your childhood was. While I can sympathize, I can’t honestly say I empathize because my childhood was as close to perfect as one can have so I can only imagine what your life was like. Have you ever thought that there might be other children like you out there? Young ones who have no home or a home where they are not loved?

As great a city as Absolom is, it still has its dark side. There are unwanted and orphaned children everywhere, children without love and whose hope has been destroyed by either uncaring adults or their situations. You, who understand how those children feel, can be the loving adult they need and the one who brings hope and joy back into their lives. I’m not suggesting starting an orphanage – many cities have one but they mostly just provide food and shelter for the lost ones. You could start a school for these children. A place where they not only receive the physical necessities of life, but also the intangible ones – love, friendship, hope, and trust. You could be a mentor and guide, teaching them not only skills they can use as adults, but giving them what they crave the most and what you were denied – unconditional love and support. You could open your heart as well as your home. Maybe they, in return, can heal the wounds in your heart and soul and give you what your parents did not.

Chiro is one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever had the privilege to meet and consider a friend. Never, for as long as I’ve know her, has she acted out of her own self-interest. Even her pursuit of the challenges she must face as she grows comes from a desire to be a better person so she can use her skills to help others. Her selfless acts are an inspiration to me and, once again, I am honored and privileged to know her. Maybe someday you will be worthy of the adoration she feels for you because I know that you can be – Sarenrae would not have guided me to assist you if you could not. I sincerely hope you do become worthy of her for both of your sakes.


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  • vendon
    June 19, 2018 at 10:08 am
    A few days later, a beautiful stationery arrives. It is lightly scented with perfume and has magenta and emerald trim. Emi, Forgive the delay. I wanted to take as much time as possible to insure that their was no subtle malice in my letter. My short time in this city has revealed as much to me. Several times I have heard of the plight of people living in the "puddles" district for example. Another would be back at the academy I was taught at. Originally I was placed in a dorm with other changelings. At first, it was unusual. Some of the girls had gone through their transformation already, while some still appeared to be 'normal.' Over the course of the first year, I grew very bitter. I was constantly surrounded by the weeping and discarded daughters of other families and I saw the pattern. We were byproducts of our mothers. If we lived long enough, they could reclaim us as tools later and if not, then at least the child we replaced was tasty. In my case, my birth mother had eaten the daughter of a noble family and left me in their care. Though they were able to identify me as a changeling very early, I discovered I was kept to keep up appearances. When I started showing magical talent at age six, it was the perfect opportunity to be rid of me at a full institution academy. As I am now, I don't know if I am capable of bestowing the intangible necessities you mentioned to so many people. I am however, very much willing to try with one. I adore Chiro. You are absolutely correct. She is kind and true. This is the first thing that drew me to her. She doesn't have a 'mask' to wear like so many others I've known. If I ask, she speaks true. If she asks, she has no doubt that whoever she speaks to is also true. Its also very moving to see her dedication and passion to her ideals. I must admit, her motives confused me. She is gaining strength so she can be better prepared for others. I only ever improved to protect myself. To conclude, I do not think I am capable of this thing you ask. But, I now am thinking of a wider picture. Originally I was going to build a dance hall here in Absolom. A place for all the classes of citizens to discard their identities for a time and just be themselves. But now, I may reconsider. I have quite a bit of wealth at my disposal, and already I have 'clients' clawing at my door to invest it. I am forever indebted to you and your friends for my freedom, and the salvation of Ming Chao and Sir Arthur. Should any of my ventures come to pass, you and the others will always be welcome as a fellow owner, not just a VIP. And so you know, I am currently making plans for an anonymous donation to this 'Sarenrae.' I am given the impression that mere gold would not be enough to please this goddess. Forever Grateful, Coira Meyrick

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