Dear Drun

Hi!  It’s me Emi!

Our trip took us to this sorta icky island.  It’s all jungly and hot and steaming and not very comfortable to be in.  I stayed in my human body because I can’t sweat in my regular body and even though sweating is kinda gross at least it helps you stay cool.  I can only pant in my regular body and then I can’t talk as much or cool down as quickly.

Anyway, we went to the island so Chiro could do her monk thing.  The master was a butthead.  Chiro kept insisting we needed to respect him because he is a master but I just couldn’t.  He was SO MEAN!  Granted he sorta rescued me when a pack of velociraptors chased me up a tree, but I think he only did it because he ate them as a snack (and didn’t share any with me!).  I think he ate all the eggs earlier because there weren’t any I could find to eat. 

Fortunately, Chiro passed her test and she doesn’t feel like she’s ready for the next one so we aren’t going to the next school yet.  They (Chiro and Agatha and Lini and even Mr. Squiggles) all want to go to some place called Absolom and promise me there will be lots of stories for me to hear while we’re there.  They keep saying it’s the biggest city ever and it has all these wonderful things but they haven’t ever seen Goka.  That’s a city in near where I’m from in Tian Xia.  It’s ginormous.  It even has another city underneath it named Deepmarket.  I haven’t been there because eww but I’ve seen a few of the ratfolk that have come up to the surface.  Lots of ratfolk live there but not ratfolk that look like Chiro.  They’re not as pretty and hoppy as she is and their tailes aren’t nearly as long and lovely. 

I really want to go to Numeria, but I don’t think the rest of them do.  There’s all kinds of pretty starmetal there (Torag told me) so I want to go and get some to work with.  Maybe you could go with me?  I could make all sorts of nice things for you with it.

I write again when we get to Absolom!
Hugs and licks!

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  • vendon
    April 26, 2018 at 4:14 pm
    ((Upon reaching Absolom, this reply is waiting.)) Emi, I have never been to the jungle before. My travels have brought me to the end of this desert and just beyond the Hold of Belkzen to the north. It sounds challenging. I can relate to not liking a superior. When the gnolls captured me, our leader died in the ambush, but I did not mourn him. His passing was a blessing from my perspective. As for Absolom, I have not been there in years! It is a wondrous city as your friends say. Many things can be bought and traded for. I personally enjoyed the fights at the Irorium. Its an arena that monks of Irori also use. Be warned though, for as much wonder Absolom has, it can also hold danger. The Coins in particular are very dangerous. Ive heard of Numeria, but I never dared venture that close to the World Wound. Mercenary work is one thing, but fighting living steel monsters and the hordes of hell are another. I am not apposed to going to a new land. I also would like to thank you again for the spears. Ive become quite good at fishing with them. Strength protect you friend, Drun

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