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One Keg. It was both close and far enough away. The entire situation was a conflict that welled up inside of him. At least before when he had the taint and his issues he had, or could have had, assumed it was twisting everyone’s words. It was funny how now without it the words still sounded the same and from individuals he never thought to hear them from.

He sat heavily on the half keg by the bar looking already half ragged. Nearly a week of camping out and sleeping in the hills and snow of Kun-Lai had not been kind to the draenei. Days of growth marked his normally smoothly shaved cheeks. His hair appeared in no better shape than what a few strokes of his fingers through it might have accomplished. Tiredness also settled over him, he’d had sleep, sure, but the cold hard ground was nowhere to get properly rested.

A scruffy hozen turned around to him after finishing serving another customer at the opposite end of the small bar. “What you havin’ Grook?” he asked already wiping a decent sized glass out.

Moe’s gaze rose to the hozen, unsure of what exactly the ape had called him. He decided it wasn’t worth the effort to worry what the monkey meant. “Something strong…and large,” he added after a moment. It only took a moment before he was reaching out to grab the larger flagon the hozen handed over. His blue eyes looked down into the mug as foam and froth slowly settled.

His right hand grasped the mug and his eyes watched his thumb slide back and forth along the lip of the drink. His heart beat at a moderate pace as his head swam with thoughts. It had been a long time since he drank to get drunk. He’d put that mostly behind him when he’d lost the puzzle box, wherever it had gotten to.

Had it been so bad after all, what the taint had given him? It certainly hadn’t taken anything away from him that he hadn’t already lost. You know, he might have actually been happy. Things he wanted were well within his grasp. What did he have to give up for them, but things that he no longer had now anyway and that was all…

He tilted the mug back and had a long drink. The liquid had a refreshing bite as it coursed down his throat. Curiosity wove several outcomes in his mind as he continued to drink at the end of the darkened bar.

Poison in the mind. Poison in the body.

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