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Maliki finished boxing up the last Thermal Anvil in the guild vault and stamped them for Westfall. She was sending them to her Lord Alekxandar because the guild had little need for them and his love for free things was almost as well known as his hatred for giving free things away. "There last one…I think," she said, wiping her hands on her pant leg and then she pushed the crate to the edge of the vault where someone would load it up to go back to Eastern Kingdoms.

"I think that's the last one," she called and turned back to look down the vaults corridors, "going to have one more look though!" The red-headed paladin walked down the length of the vault, paused and decided to check the other sections as well. She had the vault well organized but that didn't keep people from putting things where they didn't belong.

The vault was divided by various shelves and partitions that she'd had Nothus helping her construct and install. Checking down the last division she paused and tilted her head at an odd sight. There was a rather large unmarked box stored away in the vault. She didn't remember storing anything like that back here. She approached it and lifted the heavy wooden lid and dropped it again near immediately with a sharp gasp.

A human…she hadn't been expecting to see that in the box. She lifted it again and slid the lid away. It was a gentleman, fair skinned and red haired with a horrible gash across his neck. She wetted her lips and shook her head sadly, she recognised this Templar, Sielic Trugran. The world was a cruel place, perhaps he had been a victim of the war on Orgrimmar and had been sent back for burial. Sadly it looked like his body had been misplaced.

"That’s everything!" She called hearing the workers waiting to haul more things to the ship. She found a cart and loaded the box and body up, the least she could do was provide this man with a proper burial and blessings. Somewhere on the grounds.

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