Rann paced in the living room of her Stormwind home, eyeing the windows and the front door. One arm was crossed in front of her chest as she paced, the knuckles on her other hand tapping her chin absently in thought. 

“Question,” she said aloud to no one in particular. “If a woman enchants a book so that only she can open it, then who can open it? Answer… only herself. Question: who, then, is defined as ‘herself’? Can her alternate self open it? Could a copy made from magic and gnomish technology…also open it? What if the copy is of the alternate self? How would the magic identify the person?”

Her eyes passed over a number of books in their bookshelves, quickly remembering their contents and scanning what she remembered for anything relevant. 

“Conjecture… They all can open it. We are told that Ceera may potentially be an alternate-universe version of either Starheart or Robin. Facts… Starheart can open it… Robin cannot. Why? Did she want Starheart to be able to open the book? Doubtful… She thought Starheart was dying. Maybe she wanted Star’s body to be able to open it, for when Ceera was occupying it as a vessel? Also doubtful… The book states Robin would be the first vessel. If the vessels needed to be able to open the book, Robin would be able to. But she can’t…or at least, says she can’t, though she’s likely never tried. 

“If we do assume Robin can’t open the book… then it stands to reason that Starheart can because she and Ceera are the same soul, from different realities. But! If Erin is a copy of Starheart…then can SHE open it? Just who are we dealing with? This shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. And if Ceera comes snooping around here…”

Rann raised both arms, and her house’s windows flew open, then slammed shut again. She muttered a few words and quickly gestured to each one, including Starheart’s name. Then she turned to her front door, and modified the spell on it.

“There. The door will automatically open for Robin — or her soul, at any rate — and the windows will open for Star. She’d be more likely to sneak in through the windows anyway. If Ceera approaches, it’s not like the windows or door would do much to defend this place anyway. So at least I’ll know who she really is. Now…let’s see about getting that book in front of Erin. Whichever way this goes…the magic will tell.”

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