Elli�s nighttime prowls took her out of the keep and away from the grounds.  She couldn�t think properly being so close to humans and worrying about what they were doing or if they were safe.  Her paws carried her some distance, the ground disappearing rapidly beneath her silent strides.


Moonlight filtered through the forest, giving a false sense of peace and security.  That thought made her snort.  Leave it to humans to think gentle breezes, soft light, and quiet murmurs of the night to indicate safety.  Little did they know the silence usually meant something dangerous was watching and possibly stalking them.  The smaller animals of the forest knew which is why there was silence.  A wry feral grin creased her lips; the hush this time was caused by her presence.  Prey didn�t know she wasn�t hunting so they tried to remain as still as possible, unlike the humans.  Noisy boots tromping along the ground, clanking metal and wood as they walked, odors from their food, clothes, and bodies drifting around them for miles.  She shook her head.  How they managed to pull ambushes on each other didn�t make sense to her.  True, their senses were less than adequate, other than their eyesight, but, still, they must be nearly deaf and … whatever it was called when you couldn�t smell.  She couldn�t imagine not being able to �view� the world as she did, filled with scents and sounds as well as sights, each smell, each note or vibration giving her as much, if not more, information as the pictures she saw.

Which is why she didn�t really agree with the worgen whose chose to ignore the wolf that lived within them.  How could anyone not want to know as much about the world around them as they could?  Whether you were a warrior protecting your pack, or a she-wolf nurturing her cubs, knowledge of your surroundings was necessary.  A sigh escaped her as she continued her walk.  She could partially understand.  Sort of.  The wolf presence was as alien to them as humans were to her she supposed.  Even so, she was making a concerted effort to know them better as the worgen should be getting to know their wolf.  

She didn�t think that�s what drove Young Wolf�s aversion to her wolf.  There was something else going on.  If she could just put her paw on it, she could help the youngling.  But she couldn�t even get close.  Young Wolf didn�t let anyone near her, which was odd since wolves, thrived on close contact.  It reinforced bonds within a pack.  Strangely enough, it seemed humans worked the same way.  The hugs, handshakes, pats on the back � those were all very wolf-like, and Elli approved.  But, Young Wolf didn�t allow even those small gestures.  Anytime anyone came close, she froze, flinched, and backed away if she could.  She acted like a pup who�d been kicked too many times.  Elli froze.  Like a pup ….

The silence of the glade was broken by an enraged roar and the sounds of paws crashing through the undergrowth.

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